I am a Massive Music fan and I did work in the music industry from 1979 upto 1992 (record shop, promotions, gigs, Indie DJ when I was asked and have even been an abroad concert coach courier). I do have a vast collection of music (vinyl, CD, MP3’s and DVD’s) and I have been rambling on the radio recently too.

Football: I have been following Leicester City since 1971 for my sins (season ticket holder since 1992). I have witnessed the lows of the mid 80’s and the highs with Jock Wallace and Martin O’Neill in charge. I went to Wembley seven times in ten years. I did play the game mostly for fun but was sent off a few times, could never work out why!

Travel & Sightseeing: I have been to most European countries over the years. Back in the 80’s I frequently Inter-Railed over the continent making some good friends on the way. What people forget is how beautiful the UK is too. Back in 2006 I was lucky enough to work in Moscow for three cold months.

Reading: I have a big love of Fantasy Novels ( e.g. Lord of the Ring style), Biographies (it’s great to see the real people behind their public profiles), Music (can’t get enough of it really – recommend me one if you wish) and music magazines like Q, Mojo and Record Collector. I also have a fair few cook books (I still can’t cook well).

I do like to Swim at a leisurely pace (though in the day I did swim daily a mile), I even ran for my hometown at Cross Country when of school age. I now Cycle alot more than I used to. I even use this form of transport to get to work (and not surprising have you seen the price of petrol – rip off)!

I have been Computing since I was at school back in the 70’s. I did write alot of Basic (Language) programs at the time. Since the Internet was invented I have used it to the maximum. I have been blogging since early 2000’s in one form or another. I even built up PC’s for friends.