Review : Later With Jools Holland 16 September 2014

I’m directly behind Walter Williams – glowing

For a second time within 18 months I have been lucky enough to acquire free tickets for the popular BBC music television show ‘Later With Jools Holland‘ recorded in Maidstone. As usual it had a diverse line up which intrigued me as usual (the idea of the show surely). With a slight deviation to a local pub after our two hour journey we arrived in plenty of time for the recording. As usual the longer Friday show was recorded first and then the half hour Tuesday performance went out live on the BBC.

Tonight we had the highly rated Alt-J, whom I was actually rather disappointed with to be perfectly honest, as I was with HAIM at the previous recording I attended. To me they seem quite bland, not at all up for it, which is a shame really. They didn’t look that en-fused something I picked up prior to the show, when the floor manager went around the artists and introduced them to the audience. Sure they sounded good but it was lacking any real belief from them. In stark contrast with just his ukulele was Australian singer songwriter Vance Joy belting out his world-wide smash ‘Riptide‘. Even though he’d probably performed the song countless times around the globe.

WP_20140916_014At the other end of the scale we had Ryan Adams who sported the biggest amp I’ve seen on a stage, highlighted with great effect in the warm ups (shame they don’t show these as they’re highly funny and light-hearted). His band delivered a powerful few numbers during the night including ‘Gimme Something Good‘. Being perfectly honest I knew nothing about either FKA Twigs or Jungle but on leaving the show I certainly want to know more about them both. FKA Twigs has such a powerful voice and backed up by three guys making a real electronic cacophony of noise which boomed around the studio rather nicely. I think they called it atmospheric in the day.

WP_20140916_009Tonight for me the soul music stole the show firstly London-based band Jungle really set the place alight. ‘Busy Earning‘ was full of vigour and you could see they really were enjoying the chance to show the country their wares.  The night though belonged to Soul legends The O’Jays who performed their classics ‘Love Train‘ and ‘Backstabbers‘ which had everyone including the other artists swinging and clapping in time. Even my dad dance was in full view to be seen, I was the first person to the right of them from the camera’s view. They were surrounded by a very accomplished band and it was hard to tell the trio were in their seventies, as their voices were still very strong.

WP_20140916_006After the show we walked around the studio as the audience mingled with the performers who were posing for photos, chatting with people and supplying autographs on request. Sadly the new George Harrison CD box set wasn’t to be seen as I think quite possibly Jools Holland may have persuaded to part company with it. Yet another great night was over and all down to the wonderful BBC Notifications Service I able to attend.

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