Review : Roy Moller – One Domino

In a city which spawned the iconic label, Postcard Records, over thirty years ago we still can hear its legacy in the shape of Roy Moller’s new album ‘One Domino‘. Surprisingly outside his native city of Edinburgh he’s still relatively unknown. Maybe this is the record to open a few more door for him only time will tell. He has his admirers too, no more so than in the shape of former Fall member and current BBC 6 Music DJ, Marc Riley, who described him as ‘Scotland best-kept secret’.

The catchy ‘Honey Berlin‘ kicks off this eleven track album with some slick guitar riffs hooks and from the onset it won’t let go of you easily. ‘When I Paint My Mantlepiece‘ is a more relaxed creature with quite a sparse feel to it. It sometimes almost whispered lyrics deliberately make your ears home in to listen intently. Whereas ‘Obelisk‘  starts slowly and gradually winds up beautifully with some fairground keyboard sounds that hark back to an era long gone. The Moroder inspired discotheque beat of ‘Edinburgh City Control‘ swooshes up at you from “a million mile away“. In fact I’m sure some clever Indie DJ’s could mix this ditty for the clubs.

It’s good to see a wordsmith like Moller exhibit his talents expertly on ‘Redpath‘ that has an uncanny knack of sounding like a long-lost Divine Comedy song. That is good surely? ‘Textbook, Textbook‘ is an upbeat number which has that brash quirkiness of those cult Postcard Record singles, yes it has spiky guitar riffs. The tambourine led ‘Street Oblique‘ is next up which incidentally was chosen as the lead single. It’s not long before you can see why as he demonstrates some well crafted guitar sounds. For me ‘Where I Am Is Here‘ is the icing on the cake. It has everything mixed within a cool production and a subject he loves to sing about, his beloved hometown which he returned to, Edinburgh.

You’re hoodwinked by a false piano start that falls away to some very clever electronic noises and mixed up sound-bites that heralds the instrumental ‘A Glorious Sunset Mistaken For Dawn‘. Possibly the most radio friendly foot tapping track comes in the shape of ‘Vincent‘. If it has a fault it’s too short but if you’re like me I just play it again. Within it Roy sings “…dismissive too“, well he’s certainly isn’t. The country sounds of the title track concludes the album. One thing you’ll find is that he‘s not afraid to try his hand at different styles and indeed maybe he’s “…in the lap of the gods“. ‘One Domino‘ is really worth shelling out a few pounds and investigating. A cool 8/10.

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