Review : Tea Street Band – Tea Street Band

They often say practice makes perfect which is true but you must have something in the first place to make it work. The Tea Street Band have that underlying talent and a year or so on from when I first heard them they have now delivered their self titled debut album. The cover may portray a stark bleak looking building in New Brighton which is to honest an absolute oxymoron to the artistically brilliant ten tracks contained within.

Hailing from Liverpool the lead track ‘Lost For Words‘ seems a strange title as everyone from the city has something to say. This is an up-tempo indie dance track built around a relentless drum beat yet there’s more to it than just that. “All I need is some time, all I need is some space and time away“, Timo Tierney sings and how true as they’ve certainly refined their sound. ‘Summer Dreaming‘ sounds like a throw back to the great tunes of 808 State with its anthem like opening synthesised piece. DJ’s around the globe would love to mix this tune as it lends itself well. Next is ‘Disco Lights‘ the jewel in the crown as it’s a great crossover tune. It’s catchy built around a simple riff but before you know it, its got you.

More complex in its fabric ‘Look On Your Face‘ shows that James Albertina’s keyboards move up a level with some quite sublime sequences with a more laid back tune. The reverse intro of ‘Dance With Me‘, has me thinking of The Penguin Cafe Orchestra meets techno. As it progresses you feel your body spinning around with the swirling sound. ‘Push The Feeling‘ is where it all started for me and this song never fails to impress. It set their standard to a high level which they’ve maintained ever since. The harder hitting ‘Tonight‘ has the guitar more in prominence. Where other songs may lack vast swathes of lyrics this song is crammed with interesting words and it feels cool.

Getting airplay already ‘Santa Monica‘ shows the band isn’t one-dimensional in their sound. This isn’t a non-stop rave track more of a classy limousine that needs a run out which ultimately will open other markets for them. As if to build on this ‘Sunny Days‘ seems collect all the things good about The Tea Street Band. It also has possibly the best vocal delivery on the album which helps too. A great way to close an album is having a ‘Fiesta‘ and this instrumental is them jamming with a purpose. Born out of The Maybes this band are currently the wannabes but with the right promotion they’ll be the made its. 9/10 dance the night away to this.

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