Eurovision – Has Britain Come To Its Senses At Last?

Love or loathe it, the Eurovision Song Contest, is a heated discussion at the best of times. The event is often under scrutiny with the suggestion of rigged votes, particularly with former Soviet states all voting for each other. It really stands out like a sore thumb when the scores come in. Then certain countries won’t vote for others due to deep-lying political issues. I will eat my hat the day either Greece or Turkey give marks to the other. Britain though has been living of past glories which are fading forever further back in the annals of time. Recently we’ve tried using artists who were famous decades ago in the shape of Engelbert Humperdinck and Bonnie Tyler, neither really caused a ripple. I’ve not paid any interest in it since Norway won it with Secret Garden’s with ‘Nocturne‘, which is such a beautiful haunting song.

Things needed to change and so they have and I must applaud the person who thought of it. The BBC runs via its local stations and 6 Music a series of shows under the banner of ‘Introducing‘. This is where unsigned acts send in their latest creations to be played locally, some transfer on to the national station of 6 Music. Anyone who reads my ramblings knows I am an avid listener of these shows. Well someone has decided why not use this vehicle to find our artist to represent the nation at the Eurovision. Local Leicestershire singer Molly Smitten-Downes isn’t household name but from today that’s all about to change. She’s been chosen to perform for Britain using her own song ‘Children Of The Universe‘ in Copenhagen. It’s actually quite good and hopefully in May she could be crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s nice to think we have a decent song instead of having to remember Bucks Fizz and Brotherhood of Man’s winning entries.

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1 Response to Eurovision – Has Britain Come To Its Senses At Last?

  1. Lambert Simnel says:

    If it helps, Turkey voted points to Greece as recently as 2012… 😉 Not to say that there isn’t bribery and other nonsense going on, but much of the apparent block voting can be explained by the fact that many Turks live in Germany, many Serbs still live in Slovenia, Norway and Sweden have similar cultures (certainly compared to, say, Azerbaijan..) etc. This means that when the phone-in votes are counted, rather unsurprisingly there are a lot of Turks who have voted for “their” song whilst living in Germany, Cypriots who feel an allegiance to Greece, or UK ex-pats trying to support their home country from Malta.

    Anyway, I’d suggest there are usually two or three decent songs each year amongst all the trash, and occasionally some real cracking tracks – maybe try Molitva by Marija Serifovic?

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