Hidden Gems : Latin Quarter – America For Beginners

Today I thought I would highlight Latin Quarter a band whom I collected everything they released. I particularly liked the extended versions of their singles as they had such good instrumental adaptations within the mix.  They will always be known as a one hit wonder with ‘Radio Africa‘ but they were so much more than that, probably their political content hindered their chart progress. On this release I even liked the b-side so much so it was a close call on choosing ‘America For Beginners‘ or ‘Sandinista’. If you can, hunt down their expanded debut album ‘Modern Times‘ and in 2012 they reformed to release the enjoyable ‘Ocean Head‘ disc. Live they are very proficient too and with Steve Skaith on lead vocals they manage to transfer their sound perfectly onto the stage. Check out their website for live dates and new material coming soon in the shape of the ‘Tilt‘ album.

So should this have been a hit?

America For Beginners:Live:Sandinista (B-side):

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