Review : The Jezabels – The Brink

Seems 2014 is a year for female indie guitar fronted bands to have new releases. Last month we had Warpaint now we have Australia’s finest The Jezabels. Entitled ‘The Brink‘ this record certainly is on the crest of something big. The title track sets the bar at a high mark with its relentless crashing drums delivered by Nik Kaloper along with the strong vocals exhaled by Hayley Mary. This leads into ‘Time To Dance‘ whose production brings back memories of ‘The Joshua Tree‘ by U2. The single ‘Look Of Love‘ is a monster hit waiting to be discovered by the masses. It has everything, great lyrics with a catchy chorus and a tune to die for. You can imagine being twirled around the dance floor as Hayley repeatedly sings “…spinning again“.  Next we get ‘Beat To Beat‘ that harks back to an 80’s band Concrete Blonde, whom I had a lot of time for. Again the song’s almost tribal drumming keeps everything perfectly in place.

Heather Shannon’s keyboards dominate the start of ‘Angels Of Fire‘ destined to be a single surely. Crafted immaculately and even manages to name check Beyoncé. This is a more sedate track but no less powerful in its make up. ‘No Country‘ a song which slowly charges you up with again with that Brian Eno production feel. Credit must go therefore to Dan Grech-Marguerat who mixes in some splendid guitars from Sam Lockwood. Next we get the first single released from the album, ‘The End‘, a real cacophony of sound. One minute its minimal then within seconds its crashing around your ears. “Is this the end of…” the lyrics state, well I hope this is the opposite for them.

Got Velvet‘ slowly fades into your senses as it starts and by the time we hear “one step forward two step fighting infidelity” the song has fully ignited into something cosmic. Near the end we’re treated to some sublime guitar work from Samuel. ‘Psychotherapy‘ is just what the doctor ordered with its hypnotic piano intro and spacial vocals. It enables us the listeners to regain ourselves as the band refocuses itself to give us probably the best performance on the disc.  Sadly ‘All You Need‘ signifies this the last song and it’s a fitting finale. As with many tunes here it’s a powerful sound topped by impressive vocals that spirals upwards to a successful conclusion. I had read this album was conceived under a lot of pressure but when a band and a producer bounce off each other has they’ve clearly have here, it’s been worth the pain endured. If there’s a fault on this record then it must be my lack of writing craft in giving this album it’s just rewards. 10/10 Faultless to a tee!

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Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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