Simple Minds & U2 – New Material And Tours For 2014

This last week felt just like the heydays of the 80’s with stadium rockers Simple Minds and U2 both issuing new songs to the public. Both have been recording albums and both have ensuing tours on the horizon. U2 seem to be ready with an album sooner rather than later. Wheras Simple Minds have been recording throughout 2013 with Steve Osborne at the controls in between tours and festival dates. This culminated with those end of year shows in the UK that had the bonus of Ultravox as special guests.

These new songs have come to us in different manners. Firstly Simple Minds advertised prior to those arena shows an offer to buy a DVD box set with a bonus CD if you ordered prior to 31 December 2013 you could receive a numbered live EP recorded at the new Glasgow venue The Hydro. One of the tracks, ‘Big Music’, would be getting its first public airing. These have now been issued so maybe the only way you can get one is on such sites as eBay. Other tracks from the new album ‘Big Music’ include ‘Blindfolded’ and ‘Imagination’, which you can hear new 2014 live versions at the bottom of this page.

Whilst U2 decided to issue free of charge via iTunes website the track ‘Invisible’ that once downloaded meant the Bank Of America would donate $1 dollar to the (RED) foundation. A worthy cause indeed. Having heard and have both tracks now I am looking forward to hearing the albums by both artists in the coming months. Sadly just as I wrote this it’s been announced that the U2 album has been put back, which means the tour will be too. Though I did hear that their album will be out by Autumn and possibly another in 2015.

Simple Minds – Big Music:U2 – Invisible:Simple Minds – Blindfolded & Imagination (Live):

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5 Responses to Simple Minds & U2 – New Material And Tours For 2014

  1. Paul Bennett says:

    bands that i have never seen live, will try to this year

  2. Anonymous says:

    Big music, good. invisible, kind of..invisible

  3. Jose Juan García says:

    Simple minds ,in my opinion are a better live band!…mel gaynor and derek forbes are better than larry mullen jr and adam clayton….and Mick Mcneil is simply a genius!…

    • Ranj says:

      Spot on target! A shame that neither Neil nor Mick have been part of the band for a while, but the ‘Minds are better than ever!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Blindfolded Rocks, Invisible, a footnote in history.

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