Bitesize : Warpaint – Warpaint

Great to hear an album with an ‘Intro‘ and that’s what you get with the self titled album by Warpaint. Hailing from Los Angeles this is in fact their second proper album. A very guitar orientated album laced with exceptional vocals from Emily Kokal. This all girl band is how The Bangles should have progressed. ‘Love To Die‘ is the stand out track on here and rightly so as its catchy uses some cool effects too. The bass guitar reminds me of The Cure sound around the release of ‘Faith’. The vocals are shirt sharp and crisp. They can mix it up to with ‘Hi‘, where one minute it’s almost trance like and then racing fast forward. I do have a soft spot for ‘Teese‘ as this a laid back number with overdubbed vocals make this such a temptation of sound.

Disco/Very‘ is a beast of its own which goes off at different tangents yet works well within the song. Whilst with ‘Feeling Alright‘ we get to see why they were tipped for big things back in 2011. The use of space and a quick step beat can’t fail to have your feet tapping in sync with it. Throughout the album we hear strange electronic backdrops and this more prominent in ‘Drive‘. The album ends with possibly the most straight sounding song in the collection ‘Son’ with a piano and vocals to the forefront. But as it progresses so does the intervention of more instruments help fill out the sound. A great way to round of an impressive record, potential in reality 9/10.

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