Review : My Top 10 Albums Of 2013

Well I can’t believe what an unbelievable year 2013 has been for new music. I have been surprised the amount great new talent emerging throughout the world. I have been listening to a great deal more music too mostly via the radio. Be it national or regional radio or on-line stations. I’ve also bought more vinyl this year than in the last 10 years too. I’ve managed to see a greater variety of acts live in the last twelve months. Yes okay I’ve still seen Simple Minds on quite a few occasions too, just can’t help myself. It was so difficult I decided to expand it by ten more selections and even that meant various more albums being left by the wayside.

1. MoneyThe Shadow Of Love. This band just blew me away with their debut album. Totally raw, original and thought-provoking with their words, sounds and music. A band who are now starting to get a lot of attention by the media.

Stand out track: So Long (God Is Dead)

2. PhildelThe Disappearance Of The Girl. This album I’ve known about for years in its making. So it was great to see it finally see the light of day. Blessed with an angelic voice who can also play anything she turns her hand to.

Stand out track: Union Stone

3. EditorsWeight Of Your Love. Maturing into a really credible band and no longer a Joy Division sound-a-like. They know how to make expansive hard-hitting music. Coupled this with a strong vocalist makes for good listening.

Stand out track: Formaldehyde.

4. Satellites02. Released within 12 months of their debut album this collection is brimmed full of wonderful tunes. Using all that latest technology yet going back to basics make it sound timeless. Be sure to check out both albums too.

Stand out track: Wasteland.

5. Lanterns On The LakeUntil The Colours Run. Second album from this highly interesting band, who seem to be the missing link to 80’s 4AD bands with their atmospheric sound. A band well worth seeing live who thrive on stage.

Stand out track: Another Tale From Another English Town

6. White LiesBig TV. This band is surely destined for big things it would seem. Powerful vocals wrapped around a wall of sound, not unlike Muse at times. Great use of electronics mixed with the rock element throughout.

Stand out track: Getting Even

7. Paul HaigKube. Latest album from former Josef K frontman who has returned to his love of electronic music and minimalist lyrics. Still sounding fresh and distinctive as ever and never afraid to try something different.

Stand out track: Four Dark Traps

8. More Like TreesRoots, Shoots & Leaves. Using a double bass and a myriad of things as percussion this band are very organic. Add the rustic vocals to some cool lyrics you soon have your feet tapping to this trio.

Stand out track: Down To The River

9. LeavesSee You In The Afterglow. Wonderful textures with such a calming voice makes Iceland’s best kept secret worthy of exploring. Moving their style more to the commercial field they are sure to pick up new admirers as I have been for many years.

Stand out track: Ocean

10. British Sea PowerMachineries Of Joy. Their first of two albums for 2013 and this for me really put them on the map. Grand sounds lush textures have made this band far more engaging to your ears. With better production they have stepped up a level too.

Stand out track: Loving Animals

It was difficult this year to name just ten, so here are the next 10 all worth checking out.

11. Parish Music BoxWhat Did We Really Expect

12. Public Service BroadcastingInform Educate Entertain

13. London GrammarIf You Wait

14. Martin Stephenson & The DainteesCalifornia Star

15. BEFDark

16. MobyInnocents

17. John NewmanTribute

18. Primal ScreamMore Light

19. Lloyd ColeStandards

20. Boards Of CanadaTomorrow’s Harvest

Reissue of 2013: The WaterboysFisherman’s Box.  For me I was excited as soon as it was announced. Expanded by 5 discs this shows the work in progress by Mike Scott and the band whilst in Ireland to deliver for one of their best pieces of work to date.

Stand out track: The Stolen Child

My eyes and ears are looking forward to 2014.

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Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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