RIP : Lou Reed (1942 – 2013) Age 71

Again another music legend has been taken away from us, the word legend in the case of Lou Reed is very relevant. You may have not been a fan of his music or that of his avant garde band The Velvet Underground, but their legacy influenced so many other important artists. I never did actually get see him live it has to be said, well not that I can remember, not even a cameo. Yet many artists I know and have seen certainly were in awe of the man. The voice was quite unique, the most deadpan one you’re ever likely to hear. That’s not to mean he wasn’t a cheerful soul, far from it some of his work is very uplifting. The good thing is his music will always be here to hear and any band worth their salt has at least covered one of his songs. ‘Perfect Day‘, ‘Sunday Morning‘, ‘Walk On The Wild Side‘ and ‘Satellite Of Love‘ are just some of those memorable tunes that he’s left us.

Brian Eno once quoted: “I was talking to Lou Reed the other day and he said that the first Velvet Underground record sold 30,000 copies in the first five years. The sales have picked up in the past few years, but I mean, that record was such an important record for so many people. I think everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band!”

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2 Responses to RIP : Lou Reed (1942 – 2013) Age 71

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw VU at Glastonbury. In 93 I think it was. Charisma on a stick. The perfect Rock and Roll animal. Live, Reed never had the wild man thing going on like Iggy and didn’t go in for the art school posturing that got in the way of some of Bowie’s (otherwise brilliant) work . He just stood there and delivered. Amazing.

    I loved the Sally Cant Dance album and regard Reed as a true original whose work still informs and influences subsequent generations. Genius is an overused term but one that perhaps can be applied to Lou Reed.

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