Hidden Gems : Dalek I Love You – Good Times

Continuing this very popular viewed series of Hidden Gems (tracks which should have been hits or excellent album tracks). I’ll present you a track via YouTube, Soundcloud or other sites. These posts are for the music only. I was reminded of this band by PLB.

At the end of the 70’s it seemed every Merseyside act was trying to out do each with the silliest name. Many went on to be household names but alas Dalek I Love You, failed to really even get a slight whiff of success. Though during their time as a band fronted by Alan Gill, they had members of OMD and Teardrop Explodes in their ranks. Even with a name change to Dalek I, nothing could help them get decent daytime radio play. Essentially an electronic act they did produce a number a great songs including ‘Ambition‘, ‘Horrorscope‘, ‘Holiday In Disneyland‘ and ‘Africa Express‘. I could have chosen a couple others today as it was a close call with ‘Freedom Fighters‘ or ‘Destiny‘. I chose ‘Good Times’ as it was catchy and well produced yet at the same time still manic.

So should this have been a hit?

A fans view (totally agree with them too)

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2 Responses to Hidden Gems : Dalek I Love You – Good Times

  1. PLB says:

    Thanks for revisiting Dalek I on Hidden Gems. Agree…Horrorscope, Ambition & Heartbeat are all great singles, but Compass Kum’pass was mostly Alan Gill and Dave Hughes and had a different flavour for me. They were helped by Chris Hughes (Merrick – not so sure about the Bow Wow Wow connection) who went on to have great production success with Tears for Fears. On a side note, I recently remarked to new band ‘Outfit’ that one of their tracks reminded me a little of Dalek I (Spray Paint)…just the melodic naiviety of it, they hadn’t heard of them but were blown away by ‘Good Times’ track…just goes to show there’s no age limit on good music.

    Yes! Should have been a hit!


    • Yes totally agree with what you said there. Chris Hughes certainly did a lot of production side of things for other bands (TFF etc).
      I think it’s great new bands are seeking out old obscure bands – it’s what makes the world go around

      Big thanks again for reminding me of this band, Spent an age listening to both albums again

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