Review : Lanterns On The Lake – Junction 2 Cambridge 21 October 2013

It was a miserable night and the traffic was horrendous driving through the centre of Cambridge to the Junction 2 venue. Saying that it was well worth it to see Lanterns On The Lake. It’s a smallish venue and is all seated but has a large stage area ideal for this band. The support band looked very young indeed and played a decent set. They have time to mature and were well received by the audience. Also in attendance whom I got to have a quick word with after the show was Simon Raymonde, label boss of Bella Union. He’d popped up to the show after being at the Q Awards earlier in the day. I have to say he has a very good memory too.

Seated next to the mixing desk, I had a central view of the band, when they appeared through a ploom of dry ice. The main set consisted of ten songs and an encore of three more tracks that completed the night. Plundering both albums, they delivered a very tight set from the very first song ‘Picture Show‘. This being my first experience of them live I was impressed that nearly every band member played every instrument to hand. Hazel’s vocals were immaculate for the duration of the show. Every note seemed to me crystal clear and the crowd were eager to hear the slightest sound. Highlights for me included the single ‘Another Tale From Another English Town‘, ‘Buffalo Days‘ and ‘Until The Colours Run‘. A special mention must go to Hazel Wilde’s solo performance of ‘Green And Gold’ at the start of the encore.

WP_20131021_002The show concluded with a breath taking version of ‘I Love You Sleepyhead‘, I then made my way to the foyer where the merchandise was being heavily over subscribed. In fact their new album had completely sold out. I managed to bag all three of the early CD EP’s, completing my collection of their music. I spent the next half hour chatting to various members of the band, who were all excited about playing Bush Hall in London the following day. I did give them my take on one of my favourite venues. It has to be said the Cambridge Junction 2 is a great place to see and hear music too.

About Stevo Music Man

Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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