Review : Lanterns On The Lake – Until The Colours Run

If the Cocteau Twins were still about then I’m sure they’d sound like Lanterns On The Lake. This ‘Until The Colours Run‘ is their second album and what a cracker it is too. The Cocteau’s link doesn’t end there either as they’re signed to Simon Raymonde’s label Bella Union. Whilst I think of it please do go check out their debut album to ‘Gracious Tide Take Me Home‘, superb too.

Elodie‘ opens with such gusto a real cacophony of sound exploding from the speakers. It then settles down so you can appreciate the mellow tones of Hazel Wilde’s voice and this alternates throughout the song. This is followed by ‘The Buffalo Days‘ which is a real treasure to behold, with its wonderful guitar licks. This is helped by the excellent production which evident throughout the nine tracks. Things slow down dramatically for ‘The Ghost That Sleeps In Me‘, here the percussion is the pivotal sound behind the vocals. Suddenly it manages to catch you out with a rush of noise towards the end and finishes on a single piano note.

Where the last song finished so the title track, ‘Until The Colours Run‘ really comes alive with its fast paced beat. The swirls of keyboards and the slightly distorted lyrics force you to listen carefully and thus has you drawn in and fades out with some cool atmospherics. The ballad ‘Green & Gold‘ is just a solitary piano for accompaniment and the song mirrors the lyrics “..the lines that you spoke were graceful..”. Time just melts away with each note played. ‘You Soon Learn‘ for me is another gem within this crown, here we can hear those stirring string sounds. As the title states we do learn this band loves to use many different instruments at its disposal to such great effect.

More sound effects herald in ‘Picture Show‘ then just as quickly it slows down to give Hazel’s vocals prominence and every now and then sporadic shards of sound taking centre stage. The most Cocteau sounding of songs here has to be ‘Another Tale From Another English Town‘. Great use again of the guitars and drums tempered by a violin that brings a smile to your face. Before you know it we’re listening to the final track ‘Our Cool Decay‘. An upbeat number that leaves you wanting more and this tails of with some rhythmic drum beats. 2013 certainly has been a good year for new music and this album sits on the top table of them. 9/10 essential buying material.

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