B-Sides – What’s Happened To Them

After posting my previous blog on Talk Talk’s track ‘Pictures Of Bernadette‘ I began to think about the good old ‘B-side‘? For those who only know the digital age this was when we had vinyl singles. The main track was the promoted track and the other side was the ‘B-side’. Now some bands like The Jam, made a name for releasing cool ‘B-sides’ that included ‘The Butterfly Collector‘, ‘Smithers Jones‘ and ‘Thick As Thieves‘. You could add the likes of The Cure, The Clash and U2 who loved them. It was mainly rock and indie artists.

Now some artists copped out by putting an instrumental of the ‘A-side’, though this more common on the 12″ single to be honest. Other artists used the live track mode, which was very cheap for the labels financially. With the advent of the CD, we seemed to lose track of this part of the package, somewhat. With digital releases we don’t even get the b-side as such. Now you pay for what you get. I am glad the vinyl record hasn’t disappeared as bands are again remembering that a good way to get people to buy the format is to put something unique on the ‘B-side’. This then ensures us the public will go out and buy it regardless.

Please use the comments box below and tell me your fave ‘B-side’ tracks?

A personal favourite B-side of mine

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4 Responses to B-Sides – What’s Happened To Them

  1. Jake McNee says:

    I would like contribute a great b side The Skids Out Of Town for the Masquerade single

  2. Paul Bennett says:

    The Chauffeur, the b-side to Duran Durans Rio or the original version of The Sweetest Thing by U2 the b-side to Where the streets have no name

  3. Fitz says:

    The b-side to The Skids – into the valley – tv stars was a fave.
    Along with the b-side to The Cure’s a forest and boys don’t cry, another journey by train and plastic passion.

  4. Paul says:

    Richard Ashcroft the verve, great b-side on drugs don’t work single I believe called ‘so sister’. Most of my collection I listen to are b-sides and even the talented artist left aren’t doing them now
    Such a shame

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