Hidden Gems : Talk Talk – Pictures Of Bernadette

Talk Talk are one of those bands whom started out as a Smash Hits poster band, then grew up and delivered some wonderful albums full of texture and atmosphere. I thought I’d mention this song as it’s a track that seems to take bits from all of their music history. ‘Pictures Of Bernadette’ was actually a b-side to ‘Give It Up‘ which was released in 1986. Essentially a three-piece band who were led by the unmistakable voice of Mark Hollis. They certainly influenced a few bands including Radiohead, Doves and Elbow. For me they were the 80’s version of Pink Floyd. They did fall out with EMI, even went to court and now the band members are almost reclusive, such a shame (no pun intended) as they had so much to offer the music public.

So should this have been a hit or a miss?

As I mentioned ‘Such A Shame’Interview with Mark Hollis

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1 Response to Hidden Gems : Talk Talk – Pictures Of Bernadette

  1. Geoff Davies says:

    To me, this is one of those perfect songs. It has everything. Great piano work. Great drumming. Great bass playing. Great lyrics – “How can I accept? I’ve given everything that I had and still you left”.

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