The Music That Made The Movies – New Frontiers

Having just watched this the third and final instalment of the BBC’s ‘Sound of Cinema: The Music that Made the Movies – New Frontiers’. I thought I’d like to share this episode with you all. This programme shows how the synthetic sound helped embellish the films we’ve grown up watching. Strangely enough ‘Forbidden Planet‘ starts the ball rolling, one of my personal favourite films. We then hear about how Alfred Hitchcock commissioning innovative composers who used sounds as well as traditional musical notes to score films like ‘The Birds‘. The ground breaking score to ‘Clockwork Orange‘ by Walter Carlos, is then scrutinised with is mix of classical and synthesised sounds.

But it was when two European electronic wizards were approached at the tail end of the 70’s that film score music changed dramatically. The first being Vangelis with the iconic films ‘Chariots Of Fire‘ and ‘Blade Runner‘, both the films and their music are still high-profile as ever. The latter was Giorgio Moroder who gave us the epic score to ‘Midnight Express‘. I have to say I didn’t equate Clint Mansell who’s sound-scape for ‘Requiem For A Dream‘ was one in the same as the former lead singer of Pop Will Eat Itself (PWEI), a band I used to watch frequently around the Midlands. I wonder if he’ll return the favour now, as I bought him a pint at Burberrys, a long gone small music venue in Birmingham whilst watching The Soup Dragons, those were heady days.

I digress as usual, I’m often told I waffle on, so please check this film out presented by the laid back Neil Brand. I’m now going to watch the previous two shows in this series.

Sadly the show has been removed from You-Tube

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