Review : Paul Haig – Kube

Some albums just grab your attention from the start and ‘Kube’ by the former Josef K front-man Paul Haig does just that. He’s dabbled with different genres since the early days of going solo and this album seems to marry them up perfectly within this fourteen track disc. The single ‘UW2B‘ an upbeat indie pop ditty starts the show. The repetitiveness of the song you may think could annoy you but soon the vocals merge with the electronic beat seamlessly and it works well. Listen closely to the subtle sounds in the background. Next ‘Intro K‘ moves the noise level up a notch or two. It does have a hint of Kraftwerk’s mid 80’s period. Using within it are loops, vocoder words and trance like dance beats. I can envisage DJ’s having a field day mixing this into their sets.

Radio friendly ‘All Of The Time‘ is a great little number, with some ace guitar licks that compliment the up-tempo. Paul sings “..take the money all of the time“, I really hope this record yields some reward for his hard work on this and previous outings. A real gem comes in the shape of ‘Cool Pig‘ it crackles and breathes life, then suddenly goes off on a tangent. Again using sound effects in time with the diverse beat, the lack of vocals are hardly noticed. ‘Daemon‘ harks back to his early solo days based on expressive lyrics and a catchy sound, sure to get radio airplay of deemed a single. My mind did think of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine on hearing this song but no one sounds quite like Paul Haig, he’s one of a kind.

Just as you get comfortable so ‘It’s In‘ again tests your senses, based on a looped rhythm it strangely enough evolves as it progresses majestically, something you’d find on those Ibiza chilled compilations. ‘Red Rocks‘ the other side of the double ‘A’ side single, shows us how a good song should be composed. It’s electronic beat with the occasional backing vocals turn this into a great pop song. The short but interesting ‘Dialog‘ using cut up sound-bites and out of this world sounds homes you into what follows next. This being the wonderful ‘Four Dark Traps‘, with is ethnic tom-tom beat. Being the longest track on the album, this does benefit, as the music is allowed to manifest into a delightful instrumental dance tune. He’s done his home work. Sounding like something from Star Wars on its arrival ‘Reflected‘ slowly emerges with some superb sounds and modified vocal effects. If the band Japan were still around today, I’m sure this would be what they’d be producing now.

The strangely named ‘Midnattssol‘ continues this theme but with even more fluidity in it possibly due to the brass sounding instrumentation. “We can hide in the dark places…” heralds in ‘Torn‘, the imagery created takes you into the mind its writer. This song does hark of what Athlete tried on their last few outings, so that’s all good. The soundscapes of ‘Pack‘ blast out of the speakers like some futuristic boat leaving port on journey into music. Whereas ‘Shifter‘ brings back that Postcard guitar feel to the collection even when mixed up with such diverse electronic percussion. I do feel this the final track would have benefitted with some lyrics, but who am I to say.  As with all of Paul’s output you will find he’s pushing the boundaries and doesn’t sit on his laurels. I’ve played this several times and on each listen I’m hearing something new each time. You know it’s good when you’ve not realised the time has just flown away. 9/10 glichy electronic sound piece of perfection.

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