Frank Tovey For Me He Is And Always Was Fad Gadget

Fad Gadget may not have set the charts on fire but he certainly influenced many other artists who did. Depeche Mode were given their big break as support to Frank Tovey’s first band, something which has never been lost on them. In fact they returned the compliment by twenty years later which seemed to kick-start his career again. If it wasn’t for his untimely death, heart attack, in 2002 he may have finally had that elusive hit single. He released the first album on Daniel Miller’s label Mute Records and so history began. He embraced the electronic DIY ethos as if it was his own to wield. As he aged so he turned his attention to sounds made from anything he could lay his hands ‘Collapsing New People‘ was a prime example. But unlike others he turned away and focused on acoustic instruments before retiring in the mid 90’s. When he did come back he returned to his roots in electronic music, a tour was in progress and a new album planned. What he left us is a vast catalogue of classic original music to explore. I was lucky enough to see him live a few times something that once seen and never forgotten.

Documentary:Back To Nature (where it all started for Fad Gadget)

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4 Responses to Frank Tovey For Me He Is And Always Was Fad Gadget

  1. nigelridpath says:

    I have a couple of his albums and love being in the relatively small club of people who know and like his music. I saw Frank support Depeche Mode and was really sad to hear of his untimely death. I’m not sure the music business creates artists like him anymore. Which is to all of our losses.

  2. I’ve been a real fans since the early 80’s. Alas I never got to see him perform live. Did have tickets for a gig in Liverpool @ 1983, but as it was in a nighclub the doormen wouldn’t let me and my mate in as we were only 16 at the time. A real pioneer who’s music a lyrics were and still are amazing. A real shame he was taken from us just as he was getting back into the music.

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