Review : Martin Stephenson – Live In Your Lounge 21 July 2013

With the latest excellent album released by Martin Stephenson entitled ‘California Star‘, his profile has been on the up over the net in recent months. The guy is forever playing a live concert somewhere in the country. Yet he has made time for a monthly show using a web-cam broadcast live from his home over the internet using the services of Stage-It. I wasn’t sure about the quality that could be attained until I experienced a show myself. This I duly did last night after booking my place in-front of my laptop screen for his ‘Live In Your Lounge‘ treat.

Now prior to the show the attendee’s can log in and then chat on the screen to each other, this feature does continue throughout the whole transmission too. Martin uses it for suggestions of which songs to be played which made it all the more personal. Name checks and banter a plenty via this medium which the be-hatted singer used extensively. Now I hear you say what’s the quality like well the sound is truly brilliant and the visuals very good, though sometimes it lagged when something else on my laptop kicked in (I must remember not to have too much going on next time). So no complaints from me at all.

It was just the man and some of his guitars but what a brilliant show he gave playing tracks from his massive catalogue as previously mentioned selected by the paying audience (£2.25 – bargain). Remember there’s no queues for the toilet either unless you have teenage daughter in the household that is. So if you’re free on 18 August why not book yourself a ticket for his next ‘Live In Your Lounge’ show. The only draw-back I have found is you can’t get a podcast of the show as yet (though I am sure there are some people out there who know a way around this). The shows usually last around 30 minutes but there’s an ‘encore’ feature which can extend it by a further 15 minutes. Not surprisingly this is always the case and then without warning it cut out once this extra time expired. Songs played during the broadcast included Crocodile Cryer, Colleen, Nancy, Little Red Bottle, We Are Storm, Trouble Town, Ride, Even The Night, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Night, Tribute To The Late Rev Gary Davis, The Wait, Me and Matthew. 9/10 awesome show.

Footnote: I’ve been reliably informed by Martin’s management that the jerky video footage was due to recording in High Definition – Future broadcasts will be standard.

Not taken from the show (due to legal reasons with Stage-It) – Martin must smile more than any other person on stage that I’ve ever seen – Glastonbury 2013 ‘Crocodile Cryer’

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