Review : Ian McCulloch – Corby Zombie Hut 10/11 May 2013

Firstly it’s great to have some named acts finally start frequenting the town. This was the first of two special nights here at The Zombie Hut. It’s not the biggest venue, holding just 250 people. But what it lacks in size it makes up in atmosphere, so any artists in need of such a place why not contact the venue’s management. It was an acoustic night with Ian McCulloch aided by fellow Liverpudlian Ian Broudie (The Lightning Seeds & Care fame) with their acoustic guitars. Mr Broudie has long been associated with The Bunnymen as he produced their early albums under the guise of Kingbird. Special mention also to the local support act Mazarine Blue who gave the crowd an excellent set again with an acoustic feel to it.

We were informed at the door the artist, had requested we keep quite during the set. This was then an ongoing theme from Mac’s lips aimed at some people to shut up or be kicked out. This resulted in him stopping twice during the set to highlight the fact. Sadly I feel that just stoked up the audience – was that his intention as he’s never been afraid to say something that would result in a backlash. But I’m here to highlight the music and until tonight I wasn’t aware how good a guitar player Mr Broudie was. As a duo they produced a belting set and the sound was very good indeed. Just been released is a double CD set ‘Holy Ghosts‘ bringing together his last studio and live albums, both worth a listen.

The night got off to a flyer with a trinity of tracks from the Bunnymen’s debut ‘Crocodiles’ in the shape of ‘Rescue‘, ‘Villiers Terrace‘ and ‘Stars Are Stars‘ much to the packed crowd. What wasn’t expected was the lack of solo material in the set ‘Disease‘ and ‘Pro Patria Mori‘ both blended in well tonight. A couple of covers performed too, Bowie’s ‘Sorrow‘ and a rousing version of Velvet Underground’s ‘Waiting For The Man‘. The back bone of the set consisted of Echo classics such as ‘Seven Seas’, ‘Bring On The Dancing Horses’, ‘Bedbugs and Ballyhoo’, ‘Lips Like Sugar’, ‘Nothing Last Forever‘ and in Mac’s own word the best song ever written ‘The Killing Moon‘.

For me the highlight was ‘All My Colours (Zimbo)‘ which had the crowd singing in unison with him. By 11.15pm it was all over and most of the crowd departed back out into the blustery rain-swept weather. Whilst the rest of us stayed inside drinking, dancing to an array of alternative tracks blasting out of the monitors until 2.30am in the morning. Both Ian’s were available to meet after the show, though I didn’t get round to that. Maybe I’ll do that tonight when once again he treads the boards here at Corby’s newest and only dedicated music venue The Zombie Hut. Just ease off the crowd Ian, they’re here because they love your music. The distinct lack of live footage of the show on here was mainly due to the refreshing fact there wasn’t hardly anyone filming the show on their mobile phones.

Ian McCulloch CorbyThe Saturday night I have to say was in stark contrast to the previous night. For a start people were a lot quieter so Ian only had to mention it a couple of times. This could be due to the fact it wasn’t as packed and that the show times were earlier and less alcohol drank. Musically, the sound was even better than Friday’s and Mr McCulloch actually revelled in some friendly banter that pivoted around his flavoured milk drink from M&S. The set was basically the same but they did have to restart the penultimate song as they were playing different songs. Mr. M with ‘The Killing Moon‘ and Mr. B was playing ‘Sorrow‘. The former realised he was wrong, stopped and apologised, then both performed the Bowie song. All in all an excellent brace of shows here in Corby.

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1 Response to Review : Ian McCulloch – Corby Zombie Hut 10/11 May 2013

  1. Dwfmedia says:

    Great review etc I don’t know if I like to be told to shut up haha and like you say they are already there because they love his music, ease off indeed. enjoyed reading this

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