Peel Sessions : Boomtown Rats

Today I’d thought I’d let you hear Bob Geldof’s once daytime job, The Boomtown Rats, from when he wasn’t being a man with a cause, which benefited so many people around the globe. They emerged at during the punk era and managed to survive into the mainstream sounds of the early 80’s. They were not afraid to sing about controversial subjects like their number one single ‘I Don’t Like Mondays‘. These sessions are from the beginning of their career but they still show how diverse they could be. Apart from Johnny Fingers, famous for wearing his pyjama’s on stage can you name any other members?

26 July 1977 – Joey’s On The Street Again – Neon Heart – Looking After No. 1 – Mary Of The 4th Form

15 May 1978 – Like Clockwork – Me And Howard Hughes – Living In An Island – (Watch Out For) The Normal People

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2 Responses to Peel Sessions : Boomtown Rats

  1. Lambert Simnel says:

    God, that brings back some memories. I saw them once at the Student Union in Glasgow back in the early 80s, and apparently they’re now reforming (minus Johnny Fingers) for a “world tour”. Not sure whether to swallow my fears and just go and enjoy the band, or just stick with the early albums and the memories of how lean, sharp and different sounding they were in the late 70s. How do you feel gigs by reformed bands? Cashing in, or a great chance to hear them live one more time?

    Oh, and I could only remember Pete Briquette beyond Geldof and Fingers. 😦

    • I’m all up for bands reforming as long for the right reasons. Yes it’s great to see them again and even better when they also play new songs too. It seems big business these days and better than drawing their pensions.

      Yes I had heard they’re planning a world tour – the last time I saw them was back in the mid 80’s.

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