Recording Of Later With Jools Holland 16 April 2013

I have been applying via the BBC notifications emails for every show for the Later With Jools Holland show since the applications went online. So that’s a lot of shows applied for and to my surprise I got confirmation I had two complimentary tickets for 16 April 2013 show. This was only the second programme to be recorded at the Maidstone Studio’s as they were previously filmed in the now defunct BBC Television Centre in Shepherd’s Bush. My last time in a studio with Jools Holland was the day he was suspended by The Tube, 16 January 1987. That evening he’d said a rude word during a trailer for the show on children’s ITV. We were none the wiser in the studio in Newcastle that evening to as what had happened. That evening we saw The Mission, The Christians, Rosie Vela, Michelle Shocked and Timbuk 3 perform all live in the studio.

Well getting to these studios was a lot easier than that trip to The Tube, when the country was under a foot of snow. Within two and half hours my friend Wayne and I were at the gates two hours early, so a local drinking establishment was sort out. There you could tell who was going to the television recording as they were all wearing dark clothing as requested on our tickets. Just before 7pm we trundled into the studios where we discovered that audience would be approximately 500 for the show. Gradually we were herded into the recording studio and positioned around the building. As usual I had a giant in front of me.

From 8pm until around 9.30pm we heard all the songs recorded for the longer Friday show. This included Haim and Night Beds both having to retake a track each. After that we had around 10 minutes until we went live for the 30 minute Tuesday broadcast and everything went like clockwork. I have to say I was very impressed with Everything Everything and Night Beds. Primal Scream and Jamie Cullum as you would expect were professional and very slick. The biggest disappointment had to be Haim, one of the bands built up by the press but in fact were not very original. Tracy Thorn discussed her new book with Jools and the Portuguese singer Ana Moura who had such a strong voice completed to the line-up. By 11pm we were in the car driving back up to sleepy Northamptonshire after a very enjoyable evening in Kent.

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12 Responses to Recording Of Later With Jools Holland 16 April 2013

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice one Steve! .. I hope you told Jools he must have Phildel on his show at the earliest opportunity! if you didn’t I will be extremely disappointed in you !!

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Steve. I have tickets for tonight’s filming…do you think we need to get there hours ahead of time or nearer to 7pm? Thanks x

    • We got there early to avoid the M25 rush hour (better to be safe than sorry – other got there just in time and left later than us) arriving almost two hours prior there’s two nice pubs down the road opposite the roundabout in front of the studios. Have a great night I’m sure you will

      • Carrots says:

        How about parking ?

        Is there a restricted time to get in for parking, We have just over a 3 hour journey and want to make sure we are there in enough time to park and queue as tickets are on a first come basis (we do have complementary tickets)

        We have tickets for Next Tuesday 🙂 Can you get to park in the studios before 7pm ?

  3. Loads of free parking within the studios.

    I’d set off sooner the better – we did it from Corby in just 2 hours going down M11 > M25

    The tickets say no entry before 7pm – but we got in just after 6.30pm to the car park.

    There’s a bar inside the studios too, bit expensive and remember approx 500 in the audience

  4. Carrots says:

    Great, thanks for your help, just want to make sure we get in the audience 500 is alot ! just worried about parking and queueing Thanks

    • You’ll have a great time – word of advice try and keep close to where you walk into the bar area as they get the best places when you walk over to the recording studio

  5. AnnieHall says:

    Do you know if anybody got turned away?

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi Stevo,
    How far in advance of the show did you receive email confirmation that your applications had made the cut? I keep trying to get tickets to take my husband as a surprise (unsuccessfully to date). We live in Denmark, so I will need to book flights and accommodation, but if the ticket confirmation is just a week before the show it could prove quite pricey … equally I don’t want to buy flights and never receive tickets… see my quandry?! We are regisetered for the November 2016 show, and applications have now closed. Should we have hear something by now?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

    • Hi Sarah

      I’ve been to 3 shows now, I am very lucky to be honest. You should hear for each show either successful two prior to the actual show, if successful they attach your tickets, not transferable either. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.

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