Record Store Day 2013 – Exclusive Products

As it’s only two weeks today until Record Store Day 2013 (20 April), I thought I’d share what’s available to purchase from the UK’s surviving record stores. But really they need your support all year be it the public or the record labels. Yes why do the labels not give these shops bigger support as in exclusives throughout the year. I do remember a rather good campaign back in the 80’s run by the Independent Cartel under the banner of ‘The Chain With No Name’, that did just that. Special editions, exclusive prints and even bags too!

The exciting exclusive for me is the special edition of the DVD by Graham Jones based on his book ‘Last Shop Standing‘ which I have mentioned many times. I shall be purchasing a copy from my nearest store – Store Locator. But there are some real gems and as usual the bigger labels have flooded us with their bigger artists – rehashes of old material. The interesting one’s are the new versions, remixes or brand new tracks. Of course they the labels will know completists of certain artists will buy anything with the name on it. Yes and I’m one of them too! No doubt a certain Kate Bush record will winging its way into my racks as will the vinyl copy of the excellent Satellites album ‘01‘. Some shops also usually lay on some free live music!

The full list of releases can viewed – click here (maybe leave a comment on your wants)

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2 Responses to Record Store Day 2013 – Exclusive Products

  1. Darren says:

    The Davy Graham single will be great to get and the Beta Band have been out of print for too long. Bowie, Yes! Some of the reissues really are odd. The Ultravox Vienna LP for instance. But the fact that they are making novelty records now (Chas and Dave rabbit pic disc) is a sign that records really are back. Hopefully new HMV wont catch on for a while.

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