Pay TV Has Ruined My Son’s Football This Season

Well this season has been a total waste of time for my son watching Leicester City play live football at the King Power Stadium. We’ve only four home games left until the end of the season of which none are on a Saturday. The problem is my son lives in Bournemouth and I arrange with his mother weekends when the City is at home on a Saturday, so he can catch a match. Well thanks to pay TV companies, he’s only seen one game in 2013 and won’t be able to see anymore! Yes they get extra money for the game being televised but they’re doing long-term damage for those young kids who can only attend a Saturday and some Sunday matches at 3pm kick off. We’ve only had one game left at a 3pm kick off on a Saturday at home since 22 December 2012, and that was against Sheffield Wednesday. That also was the highest attended game during that period too.

You can already see attendances falling at many stadiums around the country. Speaking with fellow parents who sit in the family stand with my son and I, many like me won’t be renewing their children’s season tickets. That has to be detrimental to the long-term future of football clubs as the kids will find something else to occupy their time instead. The season ticket for my son hasn’t been a good return as he will have seen just 5 games all season out of 22. Clubs should be limited to how many games per season they can have on television to say 5 maximum at home. It’s a bout time clubs got together and forced the TV companies to keep games on a Saturday or at least change the kick off’s to either 12.15pm or 5.20pm. Not to midweek days where kids either go to bed or like my son can’t physically get to the match. We don’t want empty stadiums in the future.

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