Celebrations : Mark E Smith 56 Today (The Fall)

Well he may look a lot older than celebrating his 56th birthday today but Mark E. Smith certainly has been one of Britain’s most influential musicians ever. Ever since I bought the vinyl record of ‘Grotesque‘ by The Fall in 1980 I’ve been a fan of the band. But it was the 10″ ‘Slates‘ that showed me what an innovative band they are. He’s had more band members than most people have released records but with him at the helm they have an impressive catalogue. They also have recorded the most John Peel sessions as the late great man adored them. So it seems strange that the people who run the Brits have ignored his achievements yearly at their awards, why? Maybe it’s his lifestyle as he loves a drink and a smoke, it’s hardly an advert of healthy living but then again look at Keith Richards and they revere him. So long may Mr. Smith bring us more exciting music. My friend Maxine who saw him recently he’s still at the top of his game.

Happy Birthday Sir!

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