Band Names – Oh That Reminds Me Of …

On posting my last blog, 10 Questions For Adam Sweeting, it reminded me of a prank we did many moons ago after talking about The Rutles. It was devised over a drinking session that included my cohorts Shay, John and Mod Mark down at the White Hart, Corby around 1982. We were thinking of fictitious band names that we could make up. Well we decided on a name that I had actually thought of, Captain Birdseye And His Almost Legendary Cod Fish Fingers.

Well during the following week, we had a photograph taken in a local cemetery with just our silhouetted figures with some gravestones, if I remember rightly. A classy black and white affair. I then typed out a letter announcing some local venue gigs this fictitious band weren’t actually playing. Once photocopied we sent to the music mags the gig list, the photo and a friends home address for our fans to send £1.00 for a non-existent tape. He wasn’t actually in on the prank as we thought nothing would come of it. Well the following week we were stunned as both Sounds and the NME published our gigs in their gig list along with all the other artists vying for people’s time. I always remember our non-existent band was in the gig list playing Kettering George Hotel and below it was flavour of the month Wham! performing at Leicester De Montfort Hall.

But the biggest shock came in the what we saw in the Melody Maker weekly music magazine. They went the full hog publishing the photo (if memory serves me right), the list of gigs and our mates details to acquire that tape of music which had never been recorded. It was never likely to as apart from Mark, who played guitar, none of us could play an instrument. Well that following Friday evening down the same pub we all had a real laugh about it. I don’t know if Rob ever received any money through the post as we couldn’t bring ourselves round to tell him. You may have noticed the I’ve kept noting what I remember, the reason being I don’t have any of those particular magazines now, if anyone who does could they scan them for me, I’d be eternally grateful!

From one fictitious band to another!

About Stevo Music Man

Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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