The Left Banke – Would You Like A Possible London Concert?

Now The Left Banke to me are one of those influential bands, many may not know of them but I bet you have heard their song ‘Walk Away Renee‘, a number one hit for the Four Tops. They were a baroque band of the highest calibre with songs like ‘Desirée‘, ‘Myrah‘ and ‘Pretty Ballerina‘. I know also from personal experience that they liked by such people as Spacemen 3, having supplied them with some re-issues in the early 80’s. It was Jason Pierce who got me into them along with some other artists on the Rubble series of albums. They’re on Twitter and have their website too.

Now since the advent of the internet, I’ve managed to be in contact with these esteemed musicians who have re-formed and even performed in the United States to some great reviews. It was then that we had been chatting about some shows over this side of the Atlantic. They themselves would like it, but it seems the promoters here are not too forthcoming in offering them some shows. Maybe due to the fact they’re not a household name, but they are an iconic band. It could be as they’re a large touring band, so transporting them here could be costly. But I am sure the real fans wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra to see them live. I certainly wouldn’t and the initial reaction on my Twitter feed suggests I’m not alone.

Well out of the blue over the weekend, talking to Robin (Ali Warren Band) their name popped up. One thing led to another a desire to have perform in London moved a step forward so to speak, a promoter, who shall remain nameless for the present time, would be willing to undertake this. I’ve since been in contact with the band again, and stated I’d gauge the interest. This is dependant on the health of Tom so no concert would be in the immediate future. So with this in mind feel free to cast your vote below. It’s just a dream at present but dreams can come true!

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14 Responses to The Left Banke – Would You Like A Possible London Concert?

  1. Ray says:

    One of my all time favourites. I for one would make the effort to get to London if they were to do it

  2. I think they should to London and beyond. Make it happen, people.

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  4. tinynoggin says:

    Thank you for doing this – I really hope it works and you convince them to come over

  5. Col Cooper says:

    just shared you link on Facebook, if everyone else did the same we can get the numbers up, go for it !

  6. simonwharton says:

    I’m with Mr Cooper. I think they would do really well with a North West Gig. Manchester or Liverpool. There’s a legion of heads that would turn out for them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Since there is no deal without tom well no thanks we’ll find our own way over. this is George these kinds of offers we know them well and it’s not for me. Tom is my oldest friend and we all want good for tom.the guys a trooper. I wouldn’t trust anyone who makes this kind of offer.
    depends on ——-Maybe This group is tied at the hip bye

    • Yes the offer is there, but it’s Tom’s health that’s the deciding factor – I know what you mean. If Tom is fighting fit am sure you’ll see the band visit our shores. We do live in hope. But the health and well being over rides everything.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Steve martin and George Cameron are putting the band on the road
    and yes.

  9. Great news the Left Banke are playing shows again in the US in 2015 – so lets get them to the UK

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