Review : Mixellaneous Melodies – Bush Hall 17 February 2013

Once again I was at one of my favourite venues I’ve been to, Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush, London. I could go on about the chandeliers and the mirrors of this Victorian venue but really I should be concentrating on the music promoted, put together and compared by Kirsty Keogh. In attendance with me tonight was my daughter who was eager to see Phildel perform live for the first time.

First off was Laurence Owen, who played guitar he looked a lot like a young Vic Reeves and in fact had a similar sense of humour in his lyrics. His subject matter did touch on the hotter side of life and brought many a smile to our faces. If the worlds looking for another John Cooper Clarke then Laurence could quite possible be the one. In sharp contrast the next act was a new Kent band called Cellar Doors. They were brash loud and had a lead singer with such a powerful and dynamic voice who could give Adele a run for her money. I think I’ll keep an eye on these guys and gals in the coming months as they’re about to release some material.

As the show banner stated Mixellaneous Melodies and with that we got a very tight Australian band called Will Udall, a three-piece that knew how to deliver strong well crafted songs. If people miss The Hoodoo Gurus or The Triffids then go seek these out. Vera Jonas was a strange one for me. Introduced to the audience as just back from a American tour and was aided on stage by a useful bass player. For me there was something missing with her show and yes she could sing and play guitar well. Maybe I just caught her on a bad day, who knows, as I really wanted to like her performance as she’s a very nice person.

The first of the head-liner acts to appear was Phildel aided by stalwarts Chris on Keyboards and Ad playing the top of his wooden bookcase. Yes you read that right and what percussive sounds he got from it too. The set opened with ‘Moonsea’ and the new single ‘Storm Song‘. Phildel then relocated to the grand piano at the foot of the stage to play ‘Union Stone’, a personal favourite of mine which she dedicated to moi! More songs followed from the forthcoming ‘The Disappearance Of The Girl‘ album, which incidentally is released on my daughter’s 16th birthday. These included ‘Beside You’,’Mistake’, ‘Afraid of The Dark’ and ‘Wolf’ a song she sings with such conviction which is understandable when you know the story behind it. Every time I’ve seen her live I’ve not been disappointed and each time songs I’ve known have a new arrangement installed in them.

Now the final band had something to live up to following that and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the set by the Ali Warren Band. They are four guys and a female cello player who gives them some creditability, their words not mine! They delivered a very compact well-drilled set with driving guitars offset by the strings of the cello. The drummer certainly helped to keep a steady ship and Ali too graced the grand piano for a number. They played their current single ‘What We Say‘, a song I’ll be reviewing on its own very soon. The sad thing about tonight was that it was over all too quickly. Was that because I enjoyed it so much, could be! a cartoon character once said. I would like to thank all the artists and Kirsty who made my daughter and I very welcome tonight. Overall a sublime 9/10 for the performances.

© Photo by Lydia (Photographer / Video Director)

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