Roskilde 1987 – Drummers And Lifts Don’t Mix

I remember hitching from Elland Road (U2, The Pretenders, The Fall, The Mission) to Roskilde Festival, near Copenhagen in 1987 and arriving two days later to see the latter band there. I was lucky they put me up for free during the extended weekend (unofficial roadie, who didn’t do anything) at a plush hotel hired by the festival organisers in the Danish capital. The line-up was very impressive and I managed to see many acts whilst there – list of bands who performed. Even I was interviewed by the local radio station as they were fascinated how I had hitched all the way to the festival alone (I did buy a ferry ticket from Dover to Ostend). The truck drivers were brilliant, so a belated thanks.

Well the reason I brought this back up was that Gideon Coe show, tonight was playing some live tracks by The Woodentops whom I saw at the festival. That evening back in the bar of hotel I was talking some people who included Ian McNabb (Icicle Works), Rolo (Woodentops) and The Hoodoo Gurus’ drummer, Mark Kingsmill, until some ungodly hour. At some point some of us headed off to get the lift up to our rooms. I don’t think Ian was in the lift which decided to breakdown as soon as the doors closed. Rolo, Mark and I were definitely there. Anyway the Australian drummer decided he didn’t like confined spaces and started bashing the walls of the lift and getting paranoid. Once released from the lift, he then rampaged around the foyer knocking over plants and was threatened by staff that he will be arrested (Rock’n’Roll or what). He desisted when a fellow band member calmed him down.

I tweeted Rolo about this occurrence last year but he can’t remember a thing. But he did say he couldn’t remember much about anything around this time. I remember it all too well thinking I might have been a Rock’n’Roll statistic, thankfully I was not. To this day I have to say the Roskilde Festival is the best one I’ve ever been to. The whole town helps run the event – any profits go to local charities and pays for the town’s amenities, not bad for 4 days work. They make you feel really welcome.

None of the videos are from Roskilde 1987.

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