When Saturday Comes – 3pm Kick Off’s

Why is it that we can’t play all our football matches on a Saturday at 3pm. More and more games are switched due to being televised. But what about us poor supporters do we get a say, nope! Take my team Leicester City, currently riding high in the English Championship, we have three local rivals in our division. Nottingham Forest, Derby County and Peterborough United (used to have Coventry City too, but they got relegated) are those clubs. A few years back these games would be sold out home and away, sadly not anymore. In fact the stadium’s usually only two-thirds full, why? Well that’s because nearly all of them are on television at crazy times or moved to midweek dates. In fact our game away to Derby County will screen live on television for the fourth season in a row.

My son who lives three and half hours away in Bournemouth, has a season ticket and can only attend games when he comes to visit me. So that limits the amount games he can see each season. When games like last night’s at home to Wolverhampton Wanderers was switched from Saturday 3pm kick off, that means he can’t come see it? Next season it won’t be worth me buying him a season ticket, as it won’t be cost-effective at all. I did see a banner in the away end saying ‘Saturday 3pm Kick Off’s’ and I totally agree with that. If they do have to show a game on the box, make it played on either lunchtime Saturday or tea time Saturday. Give away fans the chance to go to games. As much as we mock them, you need the away support to start the banter and give games that atmosphere, that’s lacking at most grounds these days. Play domestic midweek games only on a Wednesday night too. Give the sport back to the real fans and not to those greedy television executives who don’t care about the game who are in it just for the money.

You just have to read different football club fans forums to see this is universal. It’s not fun seeing half empty grounds. I don’t think advertisers will like that either or the club’s sponsors. So when the bubble explodes expect the sport’s bosses to blames everyone but themselves. Other countries can do it, so why can’t we do it here?

About Stevo Music Man

Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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