SKY TV – Why Is The Game On Tonight?

Tonight I took the decision not to travel to see Leicester City v Middlesbrough at the King Power. The advice of the police was don’t travel unless necessary – so why is the game still being played? Yes the pitch looks great and well done the ground staff for their efforts today. The game is on said the referee, with regards to the safety of the fans, that’s down to the club whether to cancel the game. But as the game is live on SKY tv tonight they won’t cancel it and risk lose the television money they get paid. Just remember back to our away game last season at Ipswich Town that was played in a snow storm. Independent advisor’s all said it should have been postponed. It wasn’t as SKY wanted to show the game still, we lost that 3-0.

Well if the game goes ahead, I do hope no one has an accident to and from the game caused by the adverse weather. If this does happen then will SKY have a conscience as they are money driven. They are certainly not interested in the well-being of the supporters and to a great extend their viewers too. I hear on the local radio station, BBC Radio Leicester, that the roads are treacherous. They say there are still further warnings of more snowfalls and some heavy at times. They are surprised that this game is still going ahead. The roads are still gridlocked and the paths are lethal with ice hidden under the snow.

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2 Responses to SKY TV – Why Is The Game On Tonight?

  1. Well done to the lads, very low turn out, as many local fans couldn’t get to the ground as many non-major roads hazardous. Credit to those made it there and too both teams who gave a great advert to the Championship.

  2. Tweet from BBC Leicester Sports commentator Ian Stringer ‏@StringerSport

    Plenty for tonight’s Football Forum – RT @mrmashman: @StringerSport If it wasn’t live on Sky, the game would have been cancelled for sure.

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