Discussion : Adventures Of Sky – The Core, Corby Cube

Last night I attended a free discussion about a new piece of work by the amazing Nikki Norton-Shafau. It’s entitled ‘The Adventures Of Sky – The Reluctant Hero‘, which will be produced by Chris Sudworth from the Cube. What makes it unique is the fact it will be the first theatre production to employ Martyn Ware’s unique 3D sound system. The show première’s in Corby on 7 February until 9 February 2012 before going onto Amsterdam and Manchester. It’s a world première and a bit of coup for the Core theatre.

All three principal people were present along with some local folk who interacted with them to discuss and hear the possibilities that could be available. Firstly this truly special 3D sound system is now a permanent fixture at the cube, so future productions could use this system. This brings up a distinct chance Martyn’s band Heaven 17 could perform their music the same way they did last year at the Roundhouse that received much acclaim. The director Chris Sudworth, one of the most enthusiastic people you could come across opened the floor to debate to what could be achieved and what he envisaged with this play. Nikki was such a wonder as she’ll be performing this play solo. It’s based on the themes of Well-being, Mental Health and a bout of Insomnia that lasted six months in the life of Sky.

But unlike a lot of plays there’s active interaction sort by from the audience be it on-line preceding the show at the ‘Digging Deep‘ website. It’s a journey which hopes to stretch your imagination and involve you at different levels throughout. You can participate in writing something creative and the library within the Cube, has a mini adventure too. The story lasts one year from August 2012 until August 2013. With the 3D sound the dream world of Sky comes alive around the audience. The sound system was demonstrated extensively to show what is audibly possible, which was an awesome experience in itself. So if you want to be part of something new and different then come see this show, I will definitely be there to see this!

Martyn talks about a previous 3D sound installation.

Read my 10 Questions For Martyn Ware article.

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