Review : Eva Petersen – Emerald Green Eyes

Yes I know her album ‘Emerald Green Eyes’ came out back in November 2012 and even made my Top 10 for the year. But I thought I’d let you all in on the secret that is Eva Petersen, who in her native Liverpool is certainly highly regarded. The debut solo album was produced by Bunnymen Will Sergeant and his love of things from the sixties certainly helps on this platter. She did flirt with some success with her band Little Flames, that also included the talented Miles Kane in its short-lived line-up.

But were here to talk her album which starts with the single ‘Jewelled Moon‘, a real upbeat song that’s music could be mistaken for a long-lost Kraftwerk backing track. Her voice is full and majestic and drifts over Will’s guitar playing. ‘Too Late For Tears‘ on the other hand a power ballad that Sandie Shaw could have sung around forty years ago. The thing is that her voice is merged with some clever music play. The psychedelic intro to ‘Little White Lies‘ leads in Eva’s crystal clear vocals and the line “…you rehearse so well..” is perfectly true here as they seem effortless. The title track ‘Emerald Green Eyes’, is a brooding monster that slowly takes control of your aural senses. It’s a marvel the way she can project her voice powerfully over the basic dance beat hinting back to what Brian Eno made popular when in Roxy Music.

I know I have the CD version but the natural opening track to the second side comes in the form of the cover of the Velvet’s ‘Femme Fatale‘ this lends so well to her vocals that just echo. It’s not always a good idea to cover such an iconic song, but she carries it off so admirably. On ‘Don’t Be Shy‘, she certainly isn’t and again Will’s production puts her voice at the centre and he builds up a wall of sound to compliment her. My favourite song here is ‘Sunday Love Affair‘  which is a song waiting for someone to write a TV series around it. Something in the same vein as Donald Dahl’s ‘Tales of The Unexpected‘. I can just picture a silhouette image of Eva slowly dancing to this song. All good things come to an end and ‘Melody‘ is ripe with it, the longest track but doesn’t seem so. The music on this track is probably the closest to anything the Bunnymen did but with her voice it takes a different dimension.

She’s been out there playing some live shows of her own. Soon she’ll be supporting Poltergeist in Liverpool a band which features in its ranks Will and Les Patterson. I would love to see live on stage is her duetting with Ian (McCulloch) at some point as I feel they could really pull it off. As debut albums go this is a must, if it has a fault then that it’s too short. But that only goes to show you want more of something so wonderful. 9/10.

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