My Top 10 : Classic TV Themes

I was pondering on my top albums of 2012 when I heard an old TV theme tune played on the radio and I thought what the heck I’ll shelve the albums until a later date. So here are my favourite TV themes, it doesn’t mean I actually liked the TV show, though most I must admit I did watch when I was younger. Today I hardly watch much television to be honest unless it a good thriller or a programme about music. They aren’t in any particular order.

1. The Flashing Blade – a dubbed European programme based on the war between Spain and France with the catchphrase “You’ve got to fight for what you want“, a good party political rally cry I hear you say. At the time this was a lavish production with loads of battles and a cast of thousands it seemed.

2. Robinson Crusoe – another dubbed European television programme based on the famous book by Daniel Defoe. It was also re-used by the band Art of Noise. There’s something about old those old black and white shows. Funnily enough from it I went back and read the book.

3. White Horses – Yes you guessed it yet another foreign TV programme with out of synch vocals. I didn’t actually watch this one or that I can remember an episode. The song was made famous by Jackie Lee is still such a superb 60’s piece of pop.

4. Fireball XL5 – Well when I was a kid Gerry Anderson was king for me, with a string of brilliant puppet shows including Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 but my favourite theme was this early show, plus its main character was called Steve,  a cool name.

5. The Persuaders – An American show that featured the soon to be 007, Roger Moore and Tony Curtis. This must have cost the television company a fortune to hire them. A bit cheesy at times but such a classy theme tune and it had great cars and scenery thrown in too.

6. The Water Margin – A Far East dubbed television show based on ancient legends with characters with strange names. The song was kept in its original language – so heaven knows what he was singing but it was so apt. On a similar line I could have easily chosen Monkey instead made by the same people, also an old fable.

7. The Tomorrow People – Typical 70’s futuristic music, does that sound right? I’m not too sure but this was staple viewing for my mates and I whilst at school. It worked well as it was based on normal people. This was one of the earliest synthesised pieces of music I actually heard.

8. Follyfoot – Another programme I didn’t actually watch religiously but I loved the theme tune. Besides it was better than being like everyone else at the time and siding with that other horse show Black Beauty. Also if I remember rightly I thought the girl in it was quite sexy when I was in my early teens. The woman in Magpie was nice too, Jenny Hanley.

9. Twin Peaks – David Lynch’s masterpiece with such an atmospheric theme by Angelo Badalamenti. The story was eerie the music matched it superbly yet gave you hope when it broke out into almost joyous sounds of rapture. Then of course we had the Julee Cruise song ‘Falling’. The CD is still heavily played by my me.

10. The Monkees – Well I have to say I just loved this show, saw them all over and over again. The story plots were stupid at times but the music was heaven. I could see through the manufactured side of them. Still the theme was pure pop! Mind you I could have easily said the Banana Splits too or a whole host of other shows.

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1 Response to My Top 10 : Classic TV Themes

  1. Paul Bennett says:

    cool, i even own Robinson Crusoe on DVD

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