Peel Sessions : Cocteau Twins

Another in the occasional series made possible due to the wonderful exploits by some wonderful YouTube Up-loaders. I want to highlight some of those bands that John Peel had recorded sessions for his show over the years.

Today we have one of my all time favourite artists, Cocteau Twins, whom I became aware of after hearing their debut session for John Peel. In Elizabeth Fraser you have such a unique voice and many a time seeing them perform live her emotions often got the better of her. Robin Guthrie’s music still makes my hair stand up (yes I do have some hair left).

21 June 1982 – Wax And Wane – Garlands – Alas Dies Laughing – Feathers Oar / Blades

22 January 1983 – Hearsay Please – Dear Heart – Blind Dumb Deaf – Hazel

29 August 1984 – Pepper Tree – Whisht [Beatrix] – Peep-Bo [Ivo] – Otterley

About Stevo Music Man

Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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