Q&A’s : 10 Questions For – James Nice (LTM Recordings Label)

Today starts a series of questions and answers that I sent to various people, whom I’m either in contact with, admire or just wanted to be nosey with. In fact many fit all three.

James Nice – is the owner of the label LTM Recordings, has been releasing re-issues by some really cool bands for a long while now. On the label you can find the likes of A Certain Ratio, The Passage, Lowlife and Tuxedomoon to name a few. I have been dealing with James (buying his CD’s) since the onset of the label really. He doesn’t only deal with old recordings but has issued new records too, like The Wake’s ‘A Light Far Out‘, possibly my favourite album of 2012 still. With James you get a frank response to any questions asked. So if you’re ever looking for a band’s discography to be re-released and it fits into his labels repertoire then feel free to contact him, he’s very accessible and always replies to any requests.

  1. Which record did you use to play often from your parents’ record collection and sneak it into your own record box? From my parents, none, but my sister was a big Genesis fan and I’ll admit to be an owner a few of the post-Gabriel albums. Ditto Gerry Rafferty. I do own some of them too I might add.

  1. What DJ’s and stations influenced your music tastes? John Peel, end of. Never really followed anyone else, I was more influenced by music heads I met after I moved to Edinburgh aged 16. Yes I know what you mean.
  1. What was the first band you saw live that blew you away? Pretty much all the first few gigs I saw with my mates in Colchester aged 15 – Gang of Four, The Fall, Teardrop Explodes, Echo and the Bunnymen. I don’t usually get excited about gigs any more, but I loved St Etienne at Latitude 3 years ago, and the recent Minny Pops gigs were really excellent.

  1. You now run a record label, which album are you most pleased with being re-issued on it? Impossible to say. I particularly enjoy rehabilitating really obscure things though, like Berntholer or The Delmontes. I’ve got the same feeling about the forthcoming Deux Filles double set. Must admit forgot how good Berntholer was.
  1. Which artist has alluded you from agreeing to be re-released on your label? I suppose Artery is an obvious one. Wim Mertens should have happened and didn’t. Ditto Scars.

  1. You’ve always been reasonably priced label? You can’t control prices in the internet age. I still think a tenner (£10 for my non UK readers) is fair for a well-presented CD though. Hardback publishing, kinda sorta. Yes I have found your service very quick and well packaged not to mention the quality of the product too.
  1. Artwork is a major part of a release, which cover would you have on your living room wall? I have some Peter Saville artwork on my wall, and Bruce Licher also.
  1. Have you ever turned down an artist being released on your label? If so why? I did cancel a release once because the guy proved to be an almighty pain in the backside, but it wouldn’t be fair to name and shame. And I have recently fired a band for the same reason.

  1. How do you see your label in five years time? Maybe more special editions, but not really so different.
  1. If you could choose three pieces of music to be played at your funeral what would they be? ‘Here Comes the Nice’ by the Small Faces, for sure.

I wish to thank James again for his response, he was the first person I actually asked to do this and responded straight away. I have to say we have alot of common ground in terms of our musical tastes. So please check out his label – LTM Recordings, we need people like him to make hard to find music still accessible. You can also check the label out on Facebook & Twitter.

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