Review : John Foxx & The Maths – Cargo 05 September 2012

Having got to the venue late due to heavy traffic on the journey down to the big smoke. Worse still I had also seen John Foxx previously before at the venue, I still managed to take a wrong turning. Luckily I arrived in time to hear Stephen Mallinder with Phil Winter spinning some great tunes as tonight special DJ’s and yes I did notice they slipped in a Wrangler track. I did miss completely the support act whom I haven’t a clue who it was. Tonight was the warm up show for their festival weekend gig in the Isle Of Wight. They also were promoting the as yet unreleased new album ‘Evidence‘, due out very soon, order it.

As usual it was hot within the confines of the venue under the arches of the railway line. ‘Shatterproof‘ broke the silence with a crash and with just John, Benge and Hannah Peel on stage they created a cacophony of sound tonight. The more sombre ‘He’s A Liquid‘ soon followed and then they launched into ‘Evergreen‘ which shook the room to its foundations. Next up was the classic ‘No-One’s Driving‘. The visuals with the lasers behind them were excellent throughout, something John has really capitalised on since re-appearing live a few years back at the London ICA.

Newer songs like ‘Catwalk‘ fitted in snugly with well ground tracks such as ‘Underpass‘, a timeless piece of music. Tonight though their set was tight throughout and we even saw John smile more than usual. For me the highlight was ‘Running Man‘ which seemed apt at this venue with a deep bass sound which rumbled your body. It made you very submissive to move with the beat plus John looked so animated. Special mention should be said for ‘Summerland‘ that shunted along bit like the trains above us and the violin on ‘Burning Car‘ provided by Hannah. Just when you thought your ears couldn’t take another level in sound created tonight, then they launch into ‘Catwalk‘!

Stephen Mallander commented to me “It’s bloody awesome“, I couldn’t have put it any better myself as they played ‘Plaza‘ to end the main set. The encore of ‘Talk‘ and ‘A New Kind Of Man‘ completed the evening that just got better. The only downside was the moron who said at the start of the night, “I came to watch John Foxx!“, didn’t we all I thought, I just gave him a long stare. He was annoyed as I was explaining what album songs were from to my friends first Foxx gig, no wonder he was on his own. It was almost perfection when the machines romanced all of our senses. 9/10.

Thanks to the video & photo posters!

Bonus: Wrangler Remix of Shatterproof  (Free Download)

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