London 2012 Olympics – Worth It?

Of course it was, what with the amazing opening and closing ceremonies and the sporting events in-between I was proud to be British. Whatever political persuasion you maybe it was a resounding success with no party failing to support it. The whole event was orchestrated immaculately even if certain companies let us down, you know who you are!

The music from these isles was beamed around the globe most of which was already known by the world’s ears. How can you forget Mr. Bean’s take on Chariots of Fire or The Who’s finale. James Bond and the Queen, brilliant to say the least. The pyrotechnics awesome throughout. The crowds at the events a credit to the nation, even if corporate seats were left empty. Like Wembley football matches that needs to be looked at.

Sporting memories a plenty, the Velodrome where Team GB, smashed the world, even if the sporting bodies tried to change the events. Then there was the highs and lows on the for the cyclists on the roads of London. The rowing was immense but for me the highlight was Alan Campbell who had to be helped out of his boat on getting a bronze medal. It showed how much dedication was made by our sportsmen.

The athletics were a sight to behold in the stadium, packed even for the opening events. Then there was Bolt’s three gold’s. Britain’s ten minutes when we also acquired three golds. Go Mo the crowd shouted, it just took your breath away watching it. World records fell everywhere and the sportsmanship throughout was wonderful.

Even in the tennis things looked up, the boxing, gymnastics and show jumping did us proud. Kayaking and the martial arts even took my attention as did the archery. I don’t think I missed a single event on where we attained a medal, be it live or the highlights. The TV coverage was truly brilliant. In America it became the most watched event ever. Plaudits around the world said well done to us for putting on a truly global event.

I could mention our usual inability to win a penalty shoot out again in the football, but I’d rather mention Mexico scoring the fastest goal ever at Wembley, and that was in the final against Brazil. A big mention must go out to the volunteers who kept the place running smoothly as possible. The rain tried to dampen our spirits but we outshone it throughout. Lastly to see all the nations sportsmen and women embrace each other forgetting religion and political alignments they all came together. Now it’s the Para-Olympics turn to shine.

About Stevo Music Man

Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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