Review : Wild Nothing – Nocturne

This album landed through my letterbox the other day and not knowing a thing about them I was intrigued to hear what they sounded like. It turns out this is the second album by Wild Nothing  following up their debut ‘Gemini from a couple of years back. The set begins with the poppy ‘Shadow‘ which has lead singer Jack Tatum’s voice floating above the sound. This is followed up by the harder sound of ‘Midnight Song‘ which is dominated by the pounding drums and edgy guitars. Next is the title track ‘Nocturne‘, a guitar flavoured piece of eloquence which see’s Jack’s vocals delivered at various different pitches throughout it.

Through The Glass‘ on the other hand is a monster of a song that certainly has the same presence as something you would have heard The Lotus Eaters do with its layered textures. No to be outdone ‘Only Heather‘ is a power pop track racing along yet the vocals are still are not rushed or strained whatsoever . It’s quite an uplifting song with the apt lyrics of “can make me feel this way” repeated at the songs close. Another drum laden song in the shape of ‘This Chain Won’t Break‘, with its catchy chorus begs for radio airplay. The Cure-esque ‘Disappear Always‘ could have been lifted from ‘Seventeen Seconds’ album.

On hearing ‘Paradise‘ I was immediately reminded of one of my favourite bands The Wake, with it jaggy guitars, swirling keyboards and deep sounding words. It certainly a song I repeatedly played again. Mr.Tatum really does know his 80’s indie bands and hand-picked the best bits for his own compositions as ‘Counting Days‘ is no exception to this.’The Blue Dress‘ is another dreamy piece of music with simple guitar and keyboard notes coming at you. It all concludes with ‘Rheya‘ again remind me of The Cure with its sparkly chords. Certainly a surprise and no duff tracks to be found here. 9/10 Dreamy.

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Music fan (Worked in music 79-92, gigs, collector, Indie DJ) Football (LCFC Season ticket), Travel, Read, Swim, Cycle & Internet.
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