Fake Sounds : Kraftwerk – Musique Electronique (Updated)


I had been informed by a good friend that German electronic gods Kraftwerk had composed a new song entitled ‘Musique Electronique‘. As you’re aware they are not the most prolific band when it comes to releasing any material. Unfortunately I have been reliably informed by the new electronic magazine ‘Electronic Magazine‘ that this track is in fact a fake and not them at all. I do have to say it fooled me too, as it sounds rather good. On looking at this video via Youtube, the poster has disabled all comments – very strange. Band leader Ralf Hutter has recently stated that the new album will be out soon (how long is soon when it comes to this band?)

Possibly another fake too:

The Real Deal:

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27 Responses to Fake Sounds : Kraftwerk – Musique Electronique (Updated)

  1. Thomas says:

    hmm? Doesn’t the voice on both songs sound very similar to Ralf Hütter from Kraftwerk?

  2. Dirk says:

    maybe songs made with the plug-in Synth-Werk or demosongs from it!

  3. Thomas says:

    i know the Synth-Werk plugin….it’s really supercool und perfect for Kraftwerk-Sounds, but it cannot reproduce Ralf’s voice 😉 ???

  4. idoru says:

    except that this song sounds like a remix done by someone else : it is too much cheasy and soft to sound like kraftwerk !

  5. Scotty says:

    wait and stay tunned….:)

  6. Stéphane says:

    I’m a big fan of Kraftwerk is this piece is really beautiful!!.
    If it is not Ralf Hutter, the atmosphere is really typical of Kraftwerk, it seems that some sounds are extracted from various source and if Ralf album was released a title it would be representative of all the work of Kraftwerk it would therefore come to hear a song such as “Electronic Music”, I’d really like Ralf wrote to title 😉

  7. K.L. says:

    I think, this is 100% Kraftwerk (musique electronique). I have no doubt. The fingerprints of the sounds are too big. By the way – it sounds like “Mephisto” from Klaus Schulze.

  8. adam says:

    it samples sounds from throughout Kraftwerks catalogue, as well as taking cues from Jean Michel Jarre, but the one thing that seems to be missing is that indefinable Kraftwerk melody. Its nice but lacking in substance.

  9. Gilles says:

    Listen to Couleur 3 La Planète bleue 9 march 2013 (or podcast it on itunes) (or laplanetebleue.com. Revelations will be mad about the identity of the authors. RH

  10. It’s the best tribute I’ve heard if it’s a tribute. I’m going to go with it not being Kraftwerk as the melodies don’t seem right even though the electronic voice is spot on Kraftwerk/ Karl Bartos solo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If this isn’t Kraftwerk then who ever it is I’m a fan, come forward I would like to hear other stuff and I would buy the CD if I knew who it was. I’m very impressed.

  12. Thomas says:

    These 2 songs are Demo Songs made with the Synth-Werk Synthesizer from bestservice.de, but nobody knows if Kraftwerk were involved, because the voice in the songs sounds very similar to Ralf Hutter

  13. This song does indeed sound like something that Ralf Hütter might make, but the percussion track sounds like something that Karl Bartos would make (listen to the Karl Bartos song, “I’m the Message” to hear a fine example of his percussion track, then listen to this song to hear the similarity).

  14. Shug says:

    As a long time Kraftwerk fan I was excited that this might be a new release but on listening to this one (Musique Electronique) and the 2011 ‘Music International’ am convinced that they are not Kraftwerk.
    As stated previously, they lack substance, have no real direction and are a parody of the real Kraftwerk.
    They both have a similar style to them though and are extremely well produced! Congratulations to whoever made them!
    By the way, cynical as my post is, I am really looking forward a new official Kraftwerk release.

  15. Chris says:

    Song #1 “Electronic music” is really terrific !
    Song #2 “Music International” is much less perfect

  16. Route40 says:

    Maybe Kraftwerk would have tried this content 30 years ago, but they’re beyond ‘square one’ now, obviously. That would be like grandparents talking like teenagers; it’s not them. But I do like it, and I’ll keep it as an ‘homage’. The biggest reason I know it’s not modern Kraftwerk material: IT EXISTS!

  17. Dwfmedia says:

    Well I never…. got me there 🙂 Thanks for the insight …as always loving your posts

  18. Terry says:

    If this is Kraftwerk, I’ll eat my shoe live on Facebook ! The first time I heard it I though Kraftwerk had really gone down hill if this was the sort of blando, generic crap they were content to put their name too, but about a minute or so in I started to smell a rat. Everything was just too pat, too formulaic, none of those little moments of surprise you expect from a master. So NO ! It ain’t Kraftwerk and anyone who thinks it is should hang their head in shame.

  19. Jackie Treehorn says:

    I don’t think is Kraftwerk either, but it makes me wonder why someone would make such an effort into making a track that sounds like Kraftwerk, record it, make a video for it, and then publish it, for in the end being pulled by the leg…Funny old world.

  20. Dmitry says:


    I think this is Karl Bartoses joke 😉

  21. Thundercatsie says:

    I KNOW its not Kraftwerk, but hey…it sure sounds cool, doesn’t it?

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