Review : JJ Gilmour – Slocomotion

Having helped fund the album by JJ Gilmour, former vocalist with The Silencers, I was happy to see the postman had delivered ‘Slocomtion’ the other day. True to his word it was personally signed and my name can be found printed within the credits. As a bonus we also get an extra CD containing an acoustic version of his debut solo album ‘P.A.L.‘. Musicians who contributed here included former band members Phil Kane and the sadly missed guitarist Cha Burns, a person I regarded with the highest esteem.

The piano led ‘I Wanna Live In Dreams‘, the title track of the album kicks of this record. It immediately highlights how good a voice Mr Gilmour still has. It is a bit of bouncy Beatlesque affair confirmed with what sounds like a trumpet at the end of it. The eloquent ‘Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down‘, is sung with conviction and is more sedate complimented by the guitar strumming away. “I can feel sunshine on me giving me some energy..” he sings on ‘Deborah‘  and his vocals seem effortless and gives you the impression she means alot to him. This album seems to be very deep as heard in ‘All I Want Is You‘, a love song that requests nothing fancy and the music mirrors this perfectly.

Electronic percussion hails ‘Cecilia‘ has begun which again is another emotional song that brings Jinky’s guitar to the front, something his former band did not explore more. On ‘The Cowboy Lament‘ that is a strange subject for a Scotsman, but really it is about distance a couple is separated by. “How do you sell a romance to a world that doesn’t know” he croons to us, simple he sings this song. The album picks up beat again with ‘The Day We Kissed Summer Goodbye‘, a song that could have been written about this year’s awful weather. But like him we can remember what is good and miss about this time of year. This personal collection of songs are trying to explain our relationships and no more so than within the simple words of ‘I’m Losing You‘.

It Won’t Go Away‘ continues this theme and pace and with each word you want to believe his sincerity. As the song progresses so does his voice gain strength and feeling. Rays of sunshine shine out of ‘Stay With Me (Tonight)‘, conjurers up a picture in my mind of fans slowly waving hands side to side as he sings away. ‘Dream Dog Day‘, was the track I had waited expectantly for, as this featured Cha. I was not disappointed at all, this song had more depth to it that grew as they harmonised together. The ends as it started with another piano fuelled track, ‘Everybody’s Song‘. As a collection they all fit well and whilst listening it makes you reflect on your own relationships so the final song does apply to me anyway.

This album does show glimpses of his past catchy pop tune orientated outings, which to me is where he is more suited. But saying that this collection has shown a previously unseen side to him. One thing is for sure if you have a voice like his and able to pen moving lyrics found within this collection, then he will not be begging at your door for food. Let us hope one of those radio stations who has in their schedule a Sunday romance show, gets whiff of this album, I am sure he will be exposed to a fresh audience. 8/10 as long as he sings, I will be listening carefully.

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