Review : The Chapman Family – Cruel Britannia EP

Hailing from the Stockton-On-Tees The Chapman Family have released their second album albeit a mini five track affair this time. They are a band who are akin to the rockier side of indie music. I’m not to sure how I stumbled upon them but I am certainly glad I did. The opening ‘No More Tears‘ is a cacophony of screeching guitars and thumping drums. Yet at the same time is very catchy and it ends with shrieking shouts of “No more lies, no more fear, no more hate, no more tears” repeated with aggression in the voice.

This is swiftly followed by the title track another rampant song, with vocals that echo that of  Tom Smith of the Editors. But Kingsley who also wrote the songs puts his upbringing into these songs that seem very close to his heart and that is key to why they work so well. As sung he really does care about us. They use the feedback well on ‘This English Life‘ which is controlled and manages to muffle the guitars into a rhythmic pulsating beat. This is what New Model Army used to do well before they became too clichéd. The lyrics forthright.

Next up is ‘Summer Song‘, that probably the most musical here and could be a long-lost Chameleons track from yesteryear. The guitars move around all over the place and leaves spaces in the sound to highlight Kingsley’s very strong vocals. They certainly are not wasting their time and lets hope they continue to write more in this vein. I may have referenced many bands in this review all of which I think highly of. They even transform the cover of  ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday‘ into making it more sedate and moody than the writer’s version. This shows they know how to arrange and can create sound out of silence. 9/10 keep them coming.

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