Retro : Punk Britannia – At The BBC

To conclude the ‘Punk Britannia‘ season on the BBC they gave us ninety minutes of music from the era. Taken from the various shows from Auntie Beeb highlighting this new music. You will not find The Clash on Top Of The Pops but you will see the ill-fated performance from Magazine. There is rare clips of The Lurkers, The Bishops and The Vibrators and one of my favourites at the time the Au Pairs on our TV screens. What you have to remember this was in the day when we only had three channels and they all finished before midnight usually. I was a little disappointed they did not use more footage from the Rock Goes To College series apart from Ian Dury. Still it is worth your TV licence alone seeing Public Image Limited perform ‘Death Disco’ on Top Of The Pops and the kids do not have not a clue what is going on!

Punk Britannia Series : Part OnePart TwoPart Three

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1 Response to Retro : Punk Britannia – At The BBC

  1. thereviewer says:

    Wilko Johnson giving it some for the Feelgood, brilliant. Great show, I need to repost this still!

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