Retro : BBC – Punk Britannia 3 – 1978-1981

The concluding part of the BBC series ‘Punk Britannia‘ showed the music that emerged from the remains of the short-lived Punk movement. It was also the time when I left the sheltered confines of schooling into the dark (literally at times with power cuts) cold political climate which had strikes and the election of Thatcher. Whilst on a global nature there was the threat of nuclear war. What to me was more evident was that London no longer held the strings to the next phase of music. There was Manchester with iconic bands like Joy Division, The Fall and Magazine all following their own threads. Whilst over the Pennines you had the likes of Gang Of Four and Sheffield’s electronic scene emerging. Up in Scotland we had the Postcard label that was championed by Orange Juice. There was the Anarchists such as Crass who lived at the time in a commune. In the Midlands we had the Two Tone scene fuelled by The Specials. Diversity was the key but they all did as Mr Lydon stated “Do it yourself, as nobody else is going to do it for you“. This episode for me was the best of the series. Did they change the world? Not at all but they shaped my mind!

Last Programme: Part 2 – Many thanks to the uploader

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