Review : Simeone – An Introduction To

Weighing in with over twenty tracks you certainly get your monies worth with this release by Simeone. I therefore decided to highlight those songs that really caught my attention, be it good or bad. He does delve into the many facets of electronic music and seems not afraid to fail either. That is something I do admire in a person. As the adage goes try, try and try again and you will succeed. He did.

The crystal clear tones of the instrumental ‘Enigma Kaleidoscope‘ open proceedings chiming its arrival. This is soon replaced by ‘Lost Little Soul‘ which is a lot bolder with the drums adding the power. ‘Alone‘ is has a deep sound under an up beat percussion and at certain points leans towards to Gary Numan’s ‘Are Friends Electric‘ by way of Simeone’s vocal delivery. Strangely ‘A Return To Darkness‘ is actually is quite far from the truth, being as it has a very fresh enlightening texture to it, a path I feel he should explore more.

A low point for me is his version of ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour‘ partly due to the original being such a standard out iconic track. You may think otherwise though. He should have belief in his own work is good enough, which it is, not to warrant cover versions. It was nice to see Karl Fialka appear on ‘Today Is Yesterday‘ a name from the early days of electronic music. One of the gems is ‘Everywhere In Twilight’ his nearest song to being a dance track. A track I am sure given to some re-mixers could yield some very interesting results.

Another breath of fresh air is ‘The Translucent Track‘  with its spacey feel to it. ‘Epica II‘ though is my favourite in this collection. If The Cure did purely electronic music, I am sure it would sound a lot like this. This homage is later confirmed in his cover of ‘Lovesong‘, an interesting variation that does actually work. A contradiction of terms ‘Without Your Feeling‘ possibly is his most emotional vocal delivery, here set to the slow rolling shimmering keyboards.

A real pearl is his collaboration with Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave) resulting in ‘Ocean‘ and as the lyrics state “it’s so seductive“. I would like to see him come back here again, “we only just begun” he sings on this his most commercial song thus far. The second song to feature Mr Fialka is ‘The Things I Saw‘ has a nice lighter ambience to it. Taking my queue from that song, I saw the seeds today of an interesting musician.  The set is completed by ‘Helium‘, a short but airy instrumental, a sublime way to finish it all off.

There is definitely plenty of sounds, ideas and hints here to keep most electronic music fans happy. It now only needs the artist himself to decide which path he has highlighted amongst them, is his best option for the future. Had this collection been fifteen track I feel it would have been a stronger package but overall he did succeed to impress. 8/10 keep an eye on him, I certainly will be.

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