Mobile Phones At Concerts – Good Or Bad?

Now I don’t know about you but seeing held aloft mobile phones at concerts is becoming a real problem. It dawned on me at The Waterboys concert last week how nice it was to actually see the performers without a barrage of phones obscuring my view. Yes I am being slightly hypocritical as I have used people’s footage for my posts. But I would rather just actually view the concert as it is meant to be. I can easily get round not using this medium on my pages. Besides often the view is obscured by other phones or the picture is jerky!

I’m keeping this post short as I would like some feedback either way. for or against the banning of them being used in such a way. I seemed to remember in the good old days, if you took a camera into a concert it was confiscated until after the show. We also remember people taping concerts on their personal Walkman, yes even I did it a few times. But now this has got out of hand, so much so all I can see is blinding back lights from people’s mobiles; very distracting. So please respond to this article and I look forward to reading them too.

Footage supplied by RockItOutblog:

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7 Responses to Mobile Phones At Concerts – Good Or Bad?

  1. Paul Bennett says:

    spent the whole night ‘nudging’ the guy next to me for fun so that his footage he was taking was all over the place last 15 minutes he moved, go to a concert to take in the atmosphere, you can’t capture that on your phone

  2. Freddy The Dreamer says:

    Yes I find them very very annoying I shout out when someone is next to me, by the way great website sir you have here will come back again and read more!!!!!!!!

  3. Clare Morgan says:

    At a Take That concert a man threw someone’s mobile when in his way.
    Wish I had the guts to do that

  4. I like to take pictures at gigs for my blog. I use a camera though, and try to be considerate of others. I enjoy gigs more when not looking through a lens. The only time it has really bothered me was seeing Joe Perry at the 100 club when professional photographers took up the first two rows and actual fans couldn’t get a look in!

  5. Stephen Mallinder Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) ‏@StephenMal – tweeted:

    @StevoMusicMan Me n Bobby Gillespie got told off for talking at a gig recently, now there’s an issue !

  6. Martyn Ware Martynware (Heaven 17) ‏@martynware – tweeted:

    @StevoMusicMan I love it

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