Hidden Gems : Animal Magnet – Welcome To The Monkey House

Continuing this very popular viewed series of Hidden Gems (tracks which should have been hits). I’ll present you a track via YouTube, Daily Motion, SoundCloud or another site. These posts are for the music only.

This is a strange one today the song by London band Animal Magnet did not reach the Top 40 chart, but it was a single that E.M.I. did not delete for a long time. The reason being it sold weekly in very small amounts. Often picked up by DJ’s for it’s fun element, not I’m sure that was their initial intention. Sadly nothing else by them was remotely catchy or quirky to mention, though am sure some will correct me at some point. Being bracketed in the ‘New Romantic’ era back in 1981 I was surprised I could not find a video of this song.

So should this have been a hit or a miss?

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21 Responses to Hidden Gems : Animal Magnet – Welcome To The Monkey House

  1. Anonymous says:

    Animal Magnet was not a West Midlands band — strictly London-based.

    • Yes I stand corrected Mr Anonymous, you’re right. Updated accordingly. It should have read a song that was very big in the West Midlands, a fact which I gained from EMI sales team which indicated over 50% of all sales were in that region as alot of local nite-club DJ’s picked up on the track.

  2. this was massive in the West Midlands in 1982. it was the first time I realised that there was music outside of the mainstream charts.

    • Matt Wenban says:

      def a hit..Matt Wenban..Wambam..er..drummer at the time

      • Jeff Hill says:

        Amazing . . . . Matt, it’s your neighbour from Hudson Prd Clarville in the 70’s. I listened to you playing drums every afternoon . . . . along with the rest of the neighbourhood . . . . lol. drop a line back and say hi.

  3. Anonymous says:

    well I was the drummer in the band…and yes..its a shame it wasn’t a hit..but glad..someone enjoyed it..Matt Wenban..alias..Wambam.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s become more than a hit over the years and still being talked about today.. timeless in my opinion!!

  4. Sparkes says:

    This song came up in conversation recently….fabulous memories from brummie clubs in the eighties! I now live in the south east and surveyed everyone in my office….we came to the conclusion that it was a uniquely brummie phenomenon, only my brummie friends remember it. I feel that everyone else missed out, definitely the coolest song ever!

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard it played on Absolute 80s tonight (3rd Aug 2014). I have been trying to find this song for years and now I have. I remember it being massive in the clubs in Brum but went to Newcastle in 1984 and no one knew it. I remember requesting it from any number of night club Djs in newcastle and none knew it. A piece if my youth reclaimed. Thanks

  5. Jinkies says:

    sounds like the first ministry album

  6. Anonymous says:

    Regularly played in “The Regent” nightclub, Northampton, in the early 80s. Quirky, poppy, and yet not out of place amidst the generally gothic music then played.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A huge favorite in Shropshire in the mid-eighties, with all the clubs playing it, I managed to buy a 12″ vinyl at the time and found it at my parents house recently!!
    Can’t believe it wasn’t a massive hit at the time, all the local DJ’s had a copy.

  8. Jennifer Grose says:

    Was also huge in the clubs in Paignton and Torquay. At the time played in all the clubs and a guaranteed floor filler shame it was not promoted properly.

  9. Anonymous says:

    One reason why this sold in small numbers for years was that it somehow was adopted as one of our high school anthems, played at every school disco throughout the 80s, along with R Dean Taylor’s ‘There’s a ghost in my house’s and a very early version of Stephen Tintin Duffy’s Kiss. I think that everybody in our school had those 3 tracks on vinyl.

  10. Sarah says:

    OK. So just to inform you..this was and is a staple of any Black Country or Birmingham Disco or party even to this day. It was this one, followed by Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy …Kiss. Always and forever. If you ask anyone outside of that area they will probably never have heard of it. A classic combo up our parts

  11. Anonymous says:

    It was played on radio 2 on the 13th Jan 2017 on the Sara Cox show

  12. richard says:

    Hi there. The Tin Tin song was called Kiss Me (of course)… Animal Magnet: they supported Duran Duran on the first major UK tour, which I remember really well as I was 11 and used to sell DD Tshirts and badges for them! Presumably the match worked because both were EMI signings. But yes this was one of a stable of songs which were huge in the Midlands in the 80s and less known elsewhere. Also maybe of interest: Tik and Tok, Summer in the City (which was really big, Tikkie and Tokkie friends of Khan and Bell, of Hurst Street fame), The Bloomsbury Set, Hanging Around With the Big Boys and Dress Parade (which are now available under the singer’s name, Andy Lloyd – they supported DD on the next tour…), Stephen Duffy, Hold It (the first follow up to Kiss Me, and much less well known), local boys Fashion – anything from the album Fabrique, produced by Zeus B Held, annoyingly now titled The Height of Fashion as a CD – especially Move On and Streetplayer Mechanik… and a bit later, The Mood’s Paris is One Day Away (killer synth line!) Is There a Reason, I Don’t Need Your Love Now (fabulous), and Don’t Stop (amazingly there is a Mood compilation on Cherry Red)… and Peter Godwin’s Images of Heaven (maybe THE best new romantic non-hit?), qhich was produced by Midge Ure, Cruel Heart/Luxury and Emotional Disguise… Also the Techno Twins, Hype! (a double A-side with Nighttime Heaven but by far the better tune)… and early Paul Haig – Party Party, and Heaven Sent… and B-Movie’s Nowhere Girl, oh, and I remember @ Holy City Zoo hearing Eddie and Sunshine’s Somewhere Else in Europe, which was amazing… not included on the LP Perfect Strangers but that is essential too (and available to download now). Loads of other things that were big everywhere else, like Blancmange, early Depeche Mode (Dreaming of Me), New Order – Temptation especially, Soft Cell, and The The – the first version of Uncertain Smile which was called Cold Spell Ahead… Very pleased to hear mention of the first Ministry album, Work for Love, as that song and Wanted to Tell Her were big too. At least in my bedroom!

    • Strangely enough I have every single track you mentioned, had forgotten about Peter Godwin, will need to dig his stuff out. Played Tik & Tok the other night along with previous band Shock! Thanks for the reminders here. Survival records had alot of great bands see my blog on Drinking Electricity too.

  13. Jackie Fielding says:

    This is the song that is being played at my funeral. I love it an cant understand why it was only really big in Birmingham

  14. Aaron says:

    Bought this single back in the 80’s after hearing it on Piccadilly Radio (Manchester). Great song 🙂

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