Adam Yauch – No Sleep Till Heaven Now!

Though not a big fan of rap music I must say with the advent of bands like The Beastie Boys back in 1986 who issued the colossal album ‘Licensed To Ill‘, I did take note. So much so I went and experienced, and it was at the time quite unique to say the least, them live in concert. It was at the Birmingham Odeon, 26 May 1987 when they supported the equally impressive Run DMC. There were these three brash young American lads strutting away on stage with some scantily clad women who were in cages hanging over the stage. The place was electric that night.The music though was then fresh and inspiring and paved the way for many more rap acts to gate crash the charts. They certainly influenced many other acts and thankfully their music will be remembered for quite a time. The thing was they never sat on their laurels and looked at new genres to experiment with. Their videos too were fun also, and to be honest during that period we needed ‘the fun factor’ back in music. So it is sad to hear that Adam Yauch has lost his battle with cancer but I am sure he fought for his right to party till the end! Any Angels up there with a VW, you had best check that you still got your badge attached.

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2 Responses to Adam Yauch – No Sleep Till Heaven Now!

  1. Glad someone else remembers the VW badges and caged dancing girls…RIP Adam.

  2. Darren says:

    Nice piece.

    His demise didn’t come as a surprise to me, MCA always said he was ill.
    Boom Boom! I loved Public Enemy back in the day. I took a while to get into the Beastie Boys. I thought the Beasties were taking the piss. And they were! They weren’t even from the ghetto let alone black dudes. The video for Sabotage was so fantastic that they were forgiven and then the songs became fantasic for me.

    Someone counted the samples in BB tunes. There are more than 1000. Wow! How did they find the flute sample for Sure Shot? Don’t tell me, it’ll be a dull story, unless….. if it’s a really good one, then tell me.
    Without their pioneering sampling, PE would never have done It Takes a Nation of Millions or Fear of a Black Planet. So they really helped shape how rap evolved from the early days.

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