F.A. Cup Final 2012 – What’s It Worth

Well this Saturday should be the pinnacle of the footballing English calendar. But alas the Football Association has down graded it even further. No longer is it the final fixture of the season, we still have a further week of Premiership games the following weekend. It has also been moved later in the afternoon for a 5.15pm kick off. This is to accommodate the penultimate round of Premiership games.

Years ago I remember you could watch TV from the early morning up to the game itself at the traditional time for a 3pm start. This included ‘It’s A Knockout‘ with supporters from each team contesting daft games. Then there was the teams at the hotel and the coach trip to Wembley. Even foreign players would be interviewed stating that they loved the romance which surrounded the oldest cup competition in the world. Now it seems no more appealing as any other of those European nation cup finals, which are seen as a diversion from the league and nothing more.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Liverpool and Chelsea two big clubs were contesting the F.A. Cup Final, I doubt I’d actually watch it live. The magic that was connected to the ‘old’ Wembley hasn’t transferred well to the new stadium at all. Sadly it is more of a corporate day than one for the fans. The semi-finals also being played at the same stadium also take some of shine of it. I really hope the Football Association have a look at themselves and re-address the situation and restore the trophy back to its rightful position again as the showcase to English Football.

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1 Response to F.A. Cup Final 2012 – What’s It Worth

  1. I agree entirely Stevo. Fond memories all but gone of Bob Primrose Wilson interviewing players on the coach as they played poker on the way from the hotel to the ground! A special Football Focus is just not the same. Aaaargh!!

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